Aiden Beltran

Aiden Beltran is a 14-year-old video game publisher who is working on his upcoming game, “The Explorer Remastered.” Beltran said that the game is on track to be released either late September or Early October if all goes to plan.

BULLHEAD CITY — Aiden Beltran is in the process of developing his own game called “The Explorer Remastered.”

The 14-year-old Bullhead City resident — an accomplished computer coder and video game publisher — hopes that the game will be available to consumers later this year.

“The game is a 3D exploration game that has levels and stages that the player has to complete,” said Beltran.

“The Explorer Remastered” revolves around a character, Ellen, who crashlands on a different world and encounters monsters, portals and more during the adventure.

“The game is relatively basic,” said Beltran. “The player gets a staff which is their melee weapon and during the game, the player finds a plasma gun which is the ranged weapon.”

“The Explorer Remastered” features puzzles, cut scenes to proceed with the story, boss battles and much more.

“The player can play at their speed,” said Beltran. “However, the game has mechanics that build on what the player has learned so that it can be more of a challenge.”

Beltran said the game currently has five levels, so a player can beat it in about an hour and a half; he’s planning on expanding the game and designing more levels.

“The game is played with a third-person view but the player still has total control of the camera,” said Beltran. “It was an accident that the game is played in the third person. Originally it was supposed to be a first-person game but I accidentally put the wrong script in and it made into a third-person game. When I finished, I liked how it looked because the player can see more of the game and have more of a 360 (degree) view.”

“The Explorer Remastered” is, like the name implies, a remastered version of “The Explorer.” Beltran said when that game was first published, it got about 100 players who iked it but noticed a couple of bugs in it. So Beltran took the game off the Xbox market to work on it some more and came out with a better product.

At the moment, with the game being 3D, it takes a lot of processor power to run the game. Beltran is working on releasing a two-dimension version of the game after the 3D version is ready.

“I want everybody to be able to enjoy the game no matter what device they are playing on,” said Beltran. “I am working on having the game being played with an Xbox Adaptive controller so people with disabilities can enjoy the game as well.”

A goal for Beltran, with “The Explorer Remastered,” was to get on the Xbox Independent Developer Program.

“I was able to make it into the Xbox ID Program,” said Beltran. “So I had to send in my game, then a group of people played the game and once they finished, they determine if I make it in the program.”

Beltran said that “The Explorer Remastered” is on track to be released late September or early October — if everything goes according to plan.

“A game engine can fail on me and then that can set the project back, but I am shooting for that time to release the game,” said Beltran. “When I was talking to Microsoft, I said that I wanted to give the game for free. However, they told me that the Xbox ID Program games have to be sold. So I decided to make the price the bare minimum which is $4.99 when the game comes out.” 

In talks with Microsoft, Beltran said that they’ve been talking about the possibility of “The Explorer Remastered” being featured at E3 during their Xbox ID Program Reel Show.

“I want this game to look good, play well and be enjoyed by everyone that gets a chance to play it,” he said.

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I love this! Can anyone put Aiden in contact with me? I'm a local artist/game developer and I'd like to see if I can help him along with his work.

The game I'm working on:

My personal Website:

He mentions wanting to release in 2D at some point and I'd be more than willing to help provide some art assets for him. :)

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