BULLHEAD CITY — Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady issued a proclamation today closing down all City beaches and boat launches on weekends. The proclamation declares that all City beaches, boat launches and associated parks will be closed for the remainder of the summer on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to slow the spread of COVID-19. The parks will be open to the public Monday-Thursday.

Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

  • Community Park will be closed entirely. The park will be fully fenced with no public access. 
  • The Colorado River Nature Center will be closed entirely. The main gate will remain locked and no foot traffic will be allowed.  
  • Sunshine Marina will be closed entirely. Gates will be installed to prevent all vehicles and all foot traffic.
  • Rotary Park will be closed to most vehicular access. All beaches will be closed, but access will be granted to basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, skate park, walking trails, ballfields and dog park. Gates and fencing will be installed to prevent beach and boat launch access. All parking lots will be closed except for the parking lot closest to the pickleball courts. 
  • Various City street ends with access the Colorado River, such as Trane, Park Lane, Third Street and others will be closed entirely.

In issuing the proclamation, Mayor Brady offered the following comments:

     Today I am issuing an order to close the beaches and boat launches in Bullhead City parks from Friday through Sunday of each week through Labor Day weekend.  This decision, along with the decision regarding the wearing of face coverings, has been an extremely difficult one to make, and it is done with a full understanding of the repercussions to our citizens and our business community.  

     Throughout this entire pandemic, I, as well as the city manager and police chief, have been involved in countless daily meetings and briefings with the top medical professionals, health care administrators, first responders and the governor’s office. Our top priority in every decision has been the ability of our medical community and first responders to safely deliver all the resources necessary to those who need treatment from this disease.  This includes hospital beds, ventilators, personal protective equipment, testing, and adequate staffing to name just a few.  Until recently, the information we received locally was that we were prepared and our number of confirmed cases was low.

     Now we are being told that hospitals elsewhere in Arizona are being overrun and that they are transferring them to rural hospitals that still have capacity.  That hasn’t happened yet in Bullhead City, but our number of positive cases is spiking and our hospital admissions are climbing enough that it is time to take further actions.

     Initially we resisted the mandatory face covering order and strongly encouraged our citizens and businesses to voluntarily comply.  That didn’t work and with the numbers rising dramatically, I was forced into the hard decision of making them mandatory in all indoor public spaces. 

     I had hoped that since we control only a few areas of the Colorado River shoreline, we could keep them open by reducing the numbers of visitors allowed to an acceptable level for social distancing.  However, last weekend our out-of-towners figured out a way to thwart our plan, and they crowded our beaches to socially unacceptable levels.  In trying to control large crowds moving forward, I now realize our limitations and believe that no matter what the City does, non-compliance and overcrowding will continue to occur, which is not acceptable in trying to stem the spread of this virus.  As such, under a new proclamation with further details, I am closing city controlled beaches and boat launches and associated parking lots on Fridays through Sundays. 

     Together we will get through this pandemic, but it requires each of us to do our part in stopping the spread.  Let’s all pray that it ends quickly with no more suffering or fatalities.

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There's no such thing as a weekend any longer. With all of California shut down this has become an endless summer. All beaches and parks should be closed to everyone but local traffic. I know we rely on tourism to feel our local economy, but under current conditions, the health of local residents must be protected from tourist infection.

Kenn Stark

Good decision to make! We could lose anyone at any age. Maybe to little to late but like the attacks of 9/11 , to much complacency ...still! Wake up people! Life as you know it is now forever changed by human stupidity and arrogant behavior. Improve on it come November! Enough of some loosers in the White House commiting mass genocide! We got to fix this! They Wont!


The first step was to admit the problem then close river to limit outsiders Finally,,,,


Unfortunately as long as Katherine Landing is open this closure won’t accomplish much. The crowds will just shift to KL. Where is the Park Service on this?? They are inviting the virus into our community for no reason


I understand the beach closings -- given the limited size of the beaches, and the number of people who would want access to them, there is no way to achieve social distancing. But I don't see why our parks need to be closed --- patrols can be established to ensure social distancing, and mask wearing could be made mandatory in any area where social distancing is not possible. And I REALLY don't understand why boat launches have to be closed (and I don't own a boat) -- especially when it comes to small boats, jet skis, etc. As long as boats aren't congregating on the river, social distancing is achieved. And BHC residents should still be allowed to take advantage of the amenties that we are paying taxes for -- even if tourists are restricted. (But lets stop blaming Californians for or Covid problems -- this is an Arizona problem, as demonstrated by what is happening in Phoenix. )


A little late to take action, before Memorial Day there was only 19 cases, now it’s increased 756 cases in 2 months!!! What good is a mask order if you are not going to enforce it!!! People are not going to voluntarily do anything if it does not benefit them personally, forget about others health & safety. Only way to get control is to hit people in the pocket with stiff fines. But our county & city leaders won’t enforce a mandatory order because it’s an election year. Lets see who remembers how the virus was handled & who did not think of the residents first!!


I’m wondering is their going to be rule put against Davis Park as to how many people can camp down their I am seeing hundreds of people cramming into each campsite . Their are partying like their no Corona viruses here ?


Hey Ken Stark, Really........


Now that Randm is here from California I say close everything to Californias. GO TRUMP 2020!!!


This looks like California style tyranny to me!



If your going to shut things down, you need to shut it ALL down Brady! Tell me how you think the things listed below are all social distancing, but me launching my 22' pontoon boat in the river is not social distancing. You better have shut down the jet ski rentals also, we will be watching you!!!!

Rotary Park will be closed to most vehicular access. All beaches will be closed, but access will be granted to basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, skate park, walking trails, ballfields and dog park. Gates and fencing will be installed to prevent beach and boat launch access. All parking lots will be closed except for the parking lot closest to the pickleball courts.

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