Annette Wegmann

KINGMAN — A March trial date was set Monday for a Bullhead City councilwoman accused of theft.

Bullhead City Vice Mayor Annette Gail Wegmann, 56, is charged with felony theft. She previously was released from custody on her own recognizance.

Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle set Wegmann’s trial to start March 2 with a pre-trial hearing set for Feb. 5. Both attorneys agreed the trial would last four days.

Because of a potential conflict of interest, Lake Havasu City police investigated a theft claim June 24 by the owner of a Bullhead City property management firm. One of the firm’s clients tried to locate contents of his condo on Moser Avenue.

An employee of the management firm told the owner that some of the missing furniture could be seen inside Wegmann’s home in the background of pictures she posted on social media.

One of the witnesses told police that Wegmann instructed him to clear out the condo, that she was going to keep some of the furnishings, that she was going to give some to her son and that he could have the contents of one of the condo’s bedrooms.

Wegmann claimed she had the owner’s permission to remove the furniture, which the alleged victim disputed. The property management firm’s owner said that Wegmann was given authorization through an exchange of emails to remove the furniture but no communications could be found.

Wegmann joined the city council in 2016, filling the last two years of a term vacated by the death of Mickey McClure. She won re-election in 2018. She previously said she is innocent and would not step down from the council.

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A Concerned Citizen

I'm not suprised. Corruption is really bad in America; If there are emails in exchange by the property manager and this female then they should be able to be retrieved. But why would the property manager allow her to take anything for free? These people in high positions are making 3 figures a year, is she that hurting that she needs charity? Are the city employees getting away with committing crimes without being penalized or punished? It seems they get to keep their jobs too. It also seems like no one gets these city jobs unless they are related to someone or if they know someone.


Doubt this is intentional theft and would consider it a misinderstanding, not at all convinced of her guilt. she is not guilty until proven guilty, and in a jury trial she could easily win.

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