Fatal crash

Murray Brandt, a 64-year-old from Manitoba, Canada, died from severe head injuries he suffered when he was thrown from his motorcycle Friday morning on Oatman Highway south of Oatman. Brandt apparently failed to negotiate a turn, left the roadway and was ejected from the bike when it hit a dirt berm.

OATMAN — Excessive speed is a suspected factor in a fatal motorcycle accident that remains under investigation in Mohave Valley.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s office responded at 11:10 a.m. on Friday to the accident in the area of Milepost 22 on Oatman Highway.

“Upon arrival, a single male subject was located unresponsive on scene with no passengers,” said sheriff’s spokeswoman Anita Mortensen. She said Murray Brandt, 64, of Manitoba, Canada was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The motorcycle was traveling south on Oatman Highway from Oatman when it failed to negotiate a left curve in the roadway and drove into the shoulder,” Mortensen said. The motorcycle then struck a small, raised dirt berm which caused it to become airborne, throwing the driver from the seat. He landed several hundred feet away, Mortensen said.

Mortensen said there was no indication that Brandt tried to slow down or navigate the turn. She said he was not wearing a helmet and suffered severe head trauma.

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Robert red neck

I located this man's remains searched area for other casuaties reported accidenti asseced situation different than reported .as did Oatman paramedic Anyone related or a friend of Murray please reach out my heart goes out to you .first on scene .


I'm related. Contact me at tracy@brandttruck.com


I am related. Please contact me at this1life1960@gmail.com


He was my companion and we were in Lake Havasu for the winter. Pleas contact me at Dkunz93308@gmail.com


Hey Robert my name is John, Murray was a friend of ours. Could u please give me a call or get back with me through this feed. I would like to know exactly where the accident happened. Rode out there this past weekend looking for where the accident took place. 9287338857

Thank you.


"he was not wearing a helmet and suffered severe head trauma" Another life wasted due to AZ`s lack of a helmet law.

Desert Bat

For several years now, accounts of elderly motorcyclists driving off the Oatman road and being killed have been appearing in local newspapers. It probably can't be legislated, but somewhere a discussion could be held about pursuing what originally had been a demanding youthful sport while in your 60's and 70's.


Please contact me at Dkunz93308@gmail.com. Murray was staying here with me in Lake Havasu. I’d like to know what was different from the information I have received from the authorities. Thank you for your help.


Hello we were the couple that found Murray we are on our way to Oatman on Valentine's Day and I'd like to say that even though we did not know this man we think of him everyday our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends Marlin and Karen email uppers@att.net rest in peace murray

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