A married couple on the stage and a married couple in real life, Wendy Wilson and Jeff Wilson portray Martha and Briggs in the upcoming River Cities Community Theater Players production of “Rented Christmas The Musical.” Performances of the  production are set for Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. with 2 p.m. matinees Saturday and Sunday at Fox Creek Junior High School in Bullhead City.

BULLHEAD CITY — Money can’t buy everything. It, apparently, it can rent just about anything.

That’s the premise of The River Cities Community Theater Players’ production of “Rented Christmas The Musical,” to be performed later this week at Fox Creek Junior High School, 3101 Desert Sky Blvd. in Bullhead City.

Evening performances, at 7 p.m., are set for Friday and Saturday. Matinee performances will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets for “Rented Christmas The Musical” can be purchased online at or the box office at 1107 Hancock Road. For more information, call 928-299-6057.

“The Christmas show is a very cute Christmas story that is set in the 1920s,” said Andy Hogan, the director of the stage play. “It’s a good, old-fashioned Christmas musical.”

The play revolves around John Dale, who is played by Brian Burnes.

“He’s a successful businessman who is lonely and trying to find Christmas happiness,” said Burnes. “So I rent Christmas.”

Doreen Hansen, in her 14th stage play with the RCCTP, plays Benjamin Whitford

“He’s a happily married father of five who is the next-door neighbor to John Dale,” said Hansen. “The Christmas that he wants to rent (Dale) is like the one that we have.”

Karen Baudouine plays Ms. Ann Weston in the musical.

“She owns a rent shop and she promises that she will rent him a Christmas,” said Baudouine. “When certain things fall through, she finds herself more committed to the task than she ever imagined.”

Jeff Wilson plays Briggs.

“He an English butler who is married to Martha (played by Wilson’s real-life wife, Wendy) and he’s been with the family for years,” said Wilson.

“She is the housekeeper and takes care of John’s house and his meals,” said Wendy Wilson.

Lacey Huft plays Mrs. Allice Lindsey.

“She’s the orphanage matron who is allowing Ann to use her lovely children for the rented Christmas,” said Lindsey.

Kacey Huft plays Danielle.

“She’s a rent shop helper and a Whitford child,” said Huft.

Kristina Irwin plays Sarah Whitford.

“She’s a nosey neighbor who thinks that what John is trying to do is a crazy idea,” said Irwin.

Hogan said that since this is a musical, the play has a big opening number and a closing number as well.

“It’s a musical that has good humor and great entertainment that is full of music,” said Hogan.

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