BULLHEAD CITY — Dot Foods has asked the city for another economic incentive to expand by 70,000 square feet in 2020. 

Council members on Tuesday are asked to approve a resolution that would allow for the economic analysis to be completed. Tuesday’s meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 1255 Marina Blvd. 

Dot anticipates it would be adding another 50 to 70 full-time jobs with average yearly compensation of $50,000 once the expansion is completed. 

The incentive would include a fee waiver for city permits that would otherwise cost the company an estimated $25,000 and a construction sales tax waiver of about $100,000.

City Manager Toby Cotter, who wrote the report to the council, noted that an economic analysis would be conducted to see whether new jobs created would offset waiving the fees and tax.

Council members are being asked to approve a resolution that would allow for the economic analysis to be completed.

The city, Mohave County and the State of Arizona offered Dot financial incentives to build its 190,000-square-feet facility at the Bullhead Airpark. It opened in March of 2018.

Dot employs about 225 people currently, according to Cotter.

oil purchase for planned street slurrying 

Quality Emulsions, LLC of Mesa, Arizona, offered Bullhead City the lowest price for polymerized emulsion oil that would be used for slurry seal projects: $632,000.

Cost for each ton of two types of emulsifier would be $632. Some of the product would be 2.3% blend and the other a 2.6% to 3% blend oil. 

Purchasing different blends of this oil is to ensure workers doing the slurries have the right product for any temperature, according to Angie Johnson, the city’s interim public works director. 

The city contacted 37 possible vendors for this purchase. Quality Emulsions was among six companies that downloaded or requested the bid document. Bids included tax and freight costs.

This year, workers are expected to complete more than 1 million square yards of slurry sealing within the city’s street maintenance program. 

Rotary Park parking lot construction

McCormick Construction of Bullhead City offered the lowest bid to the city for creating a parking lot next to the Tri-Plex.

The company’s bid for this project was $189,759. 

City staff notified 229 vendors and 26 obtained bid documents for the parking lot job. McCormick was among six vendors that actually submitted bids. Cactus Asphalt in Tolleson submitted the next closest bid of $206,905. The highest bid of $285,625 came from RTR Paving & Resurfacing of Flagstaff.

A total of $300,000 was budgeted by the city for the parking lot.

Justice Center purchase considered emergency

The council is being asked to ratify emergency procurement of a new cooling tower for the city’s Justice Center. L&S Air Conditioning and Heating installed a new Evapco Cooling Tower for $74,300. 

The first tower at the Justice Center no longer worked, and loss of the second tower in mid-July left the building without air conditioning. Justice Center operations were temporarily moved to City Hall.

Loss of the tower — if further delayed — could have been considered a threat to “public health, safety and/or welfare,” Johnson stated in her report to the council. 

Cotter approved Johnson’s emergency procurement request. The purchase had been budgeted item for this fiscal year but the tower failed before staff could follow the normal bid process.

Other items on the agenda:

w Consider approving a resolution approving an intergovernmental agreement between the city and Fort Mojave Indian Tribe for use of the tribe’s Detention Facility in the Mohave Valley to house municipal court prisoners serving specific length of time. Initial booking fee cost would be $50 and daily rate would $66. This updates the agreement between the city and tribe created in 2010. 

w Allowing the police department to apply to the 100 Club of Arizona for a safety enhancement stipend that would pay $14,033 for 15 ballistic helmets and protective carrying bags to supply each member of the SWAT team.

w Approving a resolution authorizing the police department to accept funding from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for two purposes. Cloud service fees and two portable Lidar units for traffic enforcement, costing $8,064, as well as 10 portable breath test devices worth $3,000.

Work session on Section 12

Before the meeting will be a council work session centered on Section 12 recreation. That session begins at 3 p.m. The meeting notice provides some examples of topics: parking management; access and safety near and in the Colorado River;  watercraft consumer protection forms and fees.

After the work session will be an executive session for the council to seek legal advice about carrying out the acquisition of EPCOR’s local assets. 

No action will be taken during the work and executive sessions.

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