Weed growth

The more one ignores weeds the more they grow — fast. Time to tackle these pesky plants and stay in compliance with Bullhead City’s abatement effort to rid the area of these allergy-causing potential fire hazards.

BULLHEAD CITY — Generous rains in March and April were welcome, keeping the air fresh and gardens green, allowing breaks in watering chores for local residents.

With all that green and freshness came an abundance of wildflowers sporting purple, yellow and white blossoms. One person’s wildflowers, however, are another person’s weeds, and now all of those plants have morphed into a problem. 

It didn’t take long for these buggers to run wild and sprout up everywhere, creating an overwhelming mess for residents, as well as triggering their allergies.

Now that temperatures are starting to climb, ridding yards of all these intruders is even more challenging.

Additional pressure has been added to the mix because city residents now have a deadline to clear out these weed species.

City residents and business owners received letters in the mail from the City of Bullhead City indicating a grace period was extended to Monday, June 15.

“While our drought-stricken region greatly needed this rain, weeds have sprouted up all over the community like never before,” the letter stated. “The city has been battling these weeds throughout community rights of ways, city medians, parks and other public properties. The city continues to pull weeds, spray and weed eat throughout the community to gain a handle on the overwhelming and sudden overgrowth.”

Now officials expect businesses and residents to follow suit, issuing a deadline to remove all weed overgrowth from commercial and private property. The city will be enforcing nuisance weed ordinances and notices may be issued for those property owners who remain negligent in weed removal at the end of the grace period, according to the letter.

“The City’s Code Enforcement personnel will be working with the community throughout the month of June to abate weeds,” said Toby Cotter, city manager. “City staff has spent the past few months working on city rights of ways to eliminate weeds.

“The wet spring has brought an abundance of weeds to our community, but it is imperative that all land owners do their part to eliminate weeds on their properties,” he added. “Weeds are not only unsightly, they create a fire hazard.”

Because a yard filled with weeds can be overwhelming, try working on a small area at a time, during the coolest part of the day. Doing a small portion each day will make this task less daunting. Why not make it easy on yourself?

Trying to do all your weed abatement in one day or over one weekend will involve using and bending muscles that may have been inactive for a long period of time, and sore body parts likely will be the result. Think knee-pads and thick cushions for lots of kneeling that battling weeds may require. 

Also be sure to wear a hat and sunscreen if working during hotter parts of the day. The right tools also make a difference — hula hoes and rakes make quick work of small, close-to-the-ground weeds. Gloves are a must for yard work, also, especially if pulling weeds by hand. They protect hands from thorns, insect bites and exposure to plants that might irritate the skin. Take several breaks when working outside and have plenty of drinking water on hand.

For more information, call the Code Enforcement Division at 928-763-0190.

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If you'd sprayed, or hula hoed them when they were just coming up, it would have been easy. Laziness has its consequences.

Fort Mohave Resident

Guess it's time to drive by each city officials house and turn them in. But we all know nothing will happen to them, Look at all the weeds surrounding City Hall, Bullhead City Manager i hold you responsible, you should get out and clean that area yourself. [thumbdown]

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