BULLHEAD CITY — The Bullhead City Council approved a municipal code modification Tuesday requiring Big Box stores to stop locking and blocking doors by placing signs and other obstacles so people can’t use them to enter or exit the stores during operating hours.

Violations could result in these businesses being fined up to $750.

The code change was considered to be an emergency response to some large stores reducing the number of entrances and exits as a way to control foot traffic amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The new code, Section 2.72.060, took effect Wednesday.

City Manager Toby Cotter said the businesses were designed to have doors in specific places for the safety of the people inside. It singles out retail businesses that are at least 50,000 square feet.

Building evacuations because of emergencies such as fires, acts of violence, chemical spills, earthquakes and an array of other potentially dangerous situations become less safe with people trying to exit through only one door.

The locking and blocking of some doors also makes it difficult for people who require handicapped parking to travel longer distances to and from the buildings and their vehicles.

And doors “closest to pharmacies are also being locked, requiring patrons to walk significantly longer. This is very troublesome for the elderly and those with health conditions,” Cotter wrote in his report to the council. Doors by pharmacies are included in the code revision.

While many of these big-box locations have complied with the city’s recent requests not to lock and block these doors, there were a couple that hadn’t done so.


Cotter told residents to watch for a flyer inside their city sewer bills explaining changes in how Republic Services will carry out curbside trash pickups. 

Republic will no longer take recyclables beginning Sept. 1. Customers will be able to use both their trash and recycling bins for curbside trash pickups. 

Trash pickup schedules are also changing for some residents and that information will be included on the flyer. 

The pause in Republic curbside pickup of recyclables is slated to go on for four years. At that point it will be reexamined because the recyclables market could improve by that time, Cotter said. 


Council members allowed city staff to apply for State Housing Funds and Home Grant Funds. 

The goal of these funds is to allow low-income homeowners to preserve and improve their single-family homes. 

Bullhead City is asking for $385,000. Of that total, $350,000 is for construction cost. The remaining $35,000 will be used for administrative costs. 

The Arizona Department of Housing awards these funds so communities will continue to have affordable owner-occupied housing. 

City staff expect to know by mid-October whether its grant application is successful. 


The council members recommended the state issue new Series 12 Liquor Licenses to Meoni’s Italian Kitchen, 2350 Miracle Mile, Suite No. 310, and Mohave Diner, 3061 Highway 95.

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Arizona Drifter

Walmart only allows 50% occupancy at present and to open the all the doors out front is more convenient as well if a fire was to develop the extra doors allow more exits. Right now at walmart has a very large increase in shoplifting across the country because of covid-19. I’m sure the shoplifters are excited to have more doors to exit. Walmart losses on average per store per day is $4600 at present. Between degenerates just walking out the door with products and with those not scanning all items in self checkouts. We who don’t partake in the 5 finger discount will be paying more for that extra door open. As walmart has to pass that on to the rest of us.


That’s great for information in the city sewer bill but what about the residence that are still on septic. Where can we get the info?

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