BULLHEAD CITY — The river is open; it’s just a lot tougher to get there.

Traffic on the Colorado River was substantially less than a normal July weekend after Bullhead City’s decision to close the boat launches and beaches at Bullhead Community Park and Rotary Park.

The boat launch at Davis Camp — the park is part of the Mohave County park system and not under Bullhead City’s direct jurisdiction — was busy both Friday and Saturday. So was the boat launch at Fisherman’s Access Park in Laughlin, a park operated by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The boat launch at Jack Smith Park in Needles also remained open after the Needles City Council voted 3-2 on Friday to implement additional law enforcement and staffing to enforce a capacity limit rather than closing access.

Chain-link fence surrounded the perimeter of Bullhead Community Park. The only vehicles inside the park were the white pickup trucks driven by staff of the Bullhead City Parks and Recreation Division and those of emergency personnel who responded to calls for service.

On Friday, a few curious onlookers pulled into the closed-off entrances at Community Park, greeted by a sign notifying the closure by proclamation of Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady.

Similar signs were posted on makeshift gates closing entrances at Rotary Park.

Meanwhile it was business as usual at Davis Camp, though there was a capacity restriction, and perhaps busier than usual at Fisherman’s Access Park, where more than a dozen empty boat trailers dotted the parking lot Friday afternoon.

“It was easier to launch here than to fight the traffic at Davis Camp,” said a man who identified himself as Rob, parking his pickup and trailer after putting his boat in the river at the Laughlin park. He said he was from California but owned a house in Bullhead City and usually launched at Davis Camp. 

At Davis Camp, a typical weekend crowd gathered, some launching boats or personal watercraft and others wading into the water or setting up pop-up canopies on the edge of the sprawling beach.

A Nevada Department of Wildlife boat slowly cruised between the Laughlin Bridge and Davis Dam — NDOW is the primary enforcement agency for the river — while a variety of watercraft jetted past.

Despite lower-than-normal river traffic, there still were perils associated with use — or misuse — of the federal waterway.

On Saturday, two people were taken by ambulance to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center after the personal watercraft they were riding collided with a boat. The extend of their injuries was not known.

River and beach access in Bullhead City is closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through mid-Septmber. Beaches and boat launches will be open Mondays through Thursdays. 

Brady made the proclamation last week in hopes of stemming the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in the area. The Bullhead City service area, which includes Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Mohave Valley and Topock/Golden Shores, has seen its confirmed cases rise from 94 as of June 1 to nearly 900 as of Saturday, according to the Mohave County Department of Public Health.

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Closing those ramps and beaches was the right thing to do!


People are still not getting it!! Because they don’t our cases keep going up, the area’s that are open need to realize the only place to shop is Bullhead, Fort Mohave & Mohave Valley so others are still coming!! Even if they don’t have the virus chances of infection is GREAT. But hopefully they will abide the mask order & complies to businesses asking them to wear mask without any problems.


It is a nice gesture by the Mayor of Bullhead City to close up what he can on this side of the river. However, unless there is cooperation by Laughlin, Needles and Davis Camp, the problem will continue to exist. People will continue to invade our area, they will continue to come here, people will continue to get sick. Bullhead City needs to have a sit down with those others and come to an agreement, we are all affected by what is happening and the only way we are going to beat it is if we show a united front against it.


Close everything down since people are not doing the right thing. I am staying home & people are spreading the virus. This is not fair.

This should not be political.


"This should not be political." Normal freedom and liberty loving Americans absolutely agree. The people that are making this 95% political are liberal/socialist politicians, the mass media, and most of the millenial protester/anarchist and rioters and snowflakes. And all of the above named groups are "using" this disease for their only concern in life, getting rid of Orange Man Bad because its their last best chance. Good luck on that because the nearly all of the silent majority actually votes, whereas most of the screaming out of control minority does not vote. So I will remind all of the Blue Team to please rush out to place your votes for POTUS on November 5. 2020. Thank you.

NANA 5150

Or motivated by profit. That is where Needles is gone to. Didn't even give an excuse that was remotely believable. "To accommodate our neighbors who need relief from being indoors and to connect with nature. How weak is that


"To accommodate our neighbors who need relief from being indoors and to connect with nature." YES that is called letting the TAXPAYERS utilize resources they pay for along with the freedom and liberty as Americans not to be "locked down" because they might catch the flu. And that's not "weak" at all. That's called being a strong leader that will not give into the "Stay home and Stay scared" chant of the weak liberal/socialist politicians and so-called govt. health experts. So you feel free and stay home and watch the bad news and I will stay on the river with enjoying nature and neither one of us can possibly infect the other, right?


So are you going to fully fund and keep solvent all people forced to shutter their livelihood, lose their homes and any savings, because of a virus that is not as deadly as we were told (lied to)? I'm curious, we have all of these positive tests. How many people tested, WERE NOT positive or have antibodies. Of course cases rise when testing increases. That does not define the death rate or hospitalization rate. You may trust your local leaders, but I will not again. If we HAD NOT BEEN LIED to in the beginning by fauci and others about the mask situation, we would not be here now. But by their willful lies about masks not being necessary, when in fact the just wanted to make sure health care people had them, maybe we as a country could have resolved it. But but lying to us, they have no credibility and made it worse.

Linda rhoutsong

Our neighborhood launch ramp on park lane has been totally fenced off. To why all of us neighbors depend on that spot to exercise our dogs and to be over to get wet to escape the horrible temperatures we are having. Please can someone make a small gate for Us to the corner I wanted to help you the walk through. It is meant for the neighborhood and it is totally abused all summer by boats from far away. It would be nice to have it all to ourselves for once in not having to watch the drunk people go in-and-out of the water. It would be nice to have it all to ourselves for once in not having to watch the drunk people go in-and-out of the water. Please help us the whole neighborhood is livid.

Linda rhoutsong

I live on park lane where all the boats can't come anymore and they fenced it off totally so you can't even walk down to the water with your pet. It's supposed to be used for neighborhood only anyway and millions of boats come here and park all over our streets every day. It would be so nice if there was a little gate and we could walk through to get wet in this horrible heat wave and a cool R pets down


Parking all around empty lot that posts "No trailer parking" of course they never get citied


Typical local govt. overreach stupidity and not understanding that citizens PAYING taxes for govt. facilities (i.e. parks, recreation facilities) should be allowed to use these facilities and abide by REASONABLE additional necessary regulations like social distancing. NEWSFLASH Tri-State officials. NONE of you can "close" the Colorado River so quit trying to limit access because people that were not even planning to go there will now BECAUSE the might govt. told them not to. Treat tax paying adults like 8 year old children and guess what? They are going to act like 8 years olds and rebel against you and do exactly the opposite of what you are "demanding".

First mate smee

To little to late!!!!


As much as i miss the LAUGHLIN heat n river i strongly agree to close everything down for the sake of our protection!

Desert Bat

Give me liberty or give me death. Oh wait a minute and let me think that one over a bit.


while I personally would like to see jet skis and speed boats banned from the river around here, IMO closing the ramps makes no sense -- limit the number of people per boat, and restrict boats from congregating together on the river. And open the beaches to residents -- with mandatory social distancing in and out of the water.


New ban is coming soon for the river! Jet skis and speed boats will be BANNED through 12/31/2020. I say GREAT. Those jackasses bother the fish I need to catch for dinner...


If you people think making it harder for Californians to get on the river will make you safer from Covid-19 you are wrong.

I know what will keep you from getting Covid-19 wear your mask and stay six feet away from people.

The last I checked we live in America and we have the right to congregate if we want.

You nanny staters need to stay in your house and hide.


Newsflash people from Bullhead City the river belongs to the people of the United States so you cannot ban anything except your Parks and launches please get informed before you comment.

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