Bent beam

A steel beam over the North K Street Underpass in Needles is visibly bent after it was struck by a vehicle earlier this week. According to BSNF Railway and Needles officials, the collision also damaged a concrete pillar. The underpass likely will be closed for more than a week while repairs are made.

NEEDLES — Steel beams in the North K Street Underpass in Needles were damaged Tuesday when struck by a vehicle, forcing closure of the underpass.

Rick Daniels, Needles city manager, said BSNF Railway is assessing the damage to determine what will be required to complete repairs.

Daniels said he was told by BSNF officials that the collision on the 8-foot-clearance underpass bent a beam and caused a concrete pillar to come loose.

“The BNSF ordered the parts and they’ll get them around Monday and Tuesday,” said Daniels. “So the underpass will be closed until Friday (July 12) or until the repairs are made.”

No injuries were reported in the crash, Daniels said, citing a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department report. No additional information was available Wednesday about the vehicle or its driver, other than that the driver, or likely an insurance company, will be responsible for paying for the repairs.

“The repair will be made by BNSF and they will bill the person who hit it,” Daniels said.

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If seen a lot of types of vehicles hit this bridge in the 30 years I've been here so I would like to know what did that damage this time

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