WARRANT, BULLHEAD CITY — A 14-year-old boy was arrested Nov. 4 in the 1700 block of Lakeside Drive for a probation violation warrant. The youth was booked into the Mohave County Juvenile Detention Center in Kingman. His name was also taken out of the National Crime Information Center database as a runaway juvenile.

NEVADA WARRANT, BULLHEAD CITY — Charles Henry Brother, 49, was arrested Nov. 4 in the 1300 block of Riverfront Drive for a Nevada fugitive from justice felony warrant and possession of marijuana. He was booked into Mohave County jail in Kingman.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE/WARRANT, BULLHEAD CITY — Matthew Taylor Navelski, 38, was arrested Nov. 5 in the 1600 block of Arena Drive on suspicion of criminal damage and a misdemeanor failure to appear warrant. He was booked into Mohave County jail in Kingman.

CONSUMING ALCOHOL IN PUBLIC/LITTERING, BULLHEAD CITY — Gary Eugene Roberts, 70, was arrested Nov. 6 near the intersection of Rancho Colorado Boulevard and Highway 95 on suspicion of public consumption of alcohol and littering. Police said he was found leaning against a wall drinking beer, had numerous empty alcohol containers on the ground by him and was “extremely intoxicated.” He was booked into Mohave County jail in Kingman.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT, BULLHEAD CITY — Kayla Alexandra Fernandez, 25, was arrested Nov. 7 at a children’s day care facility in the 1800 block of Lakeside Drive on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Police said someone reported that Fernandez came to the location and started to scream and use profanities toward employees. One employee also said they thought Fernandez, acting aggressively, was going to assault her. Employees moved the children outside because they feared for their safety. Fernandez was booked into Mohave County jail in Kingman.

THEFT, BULLHEAD CITY — Kevin John Pace Jr., 35, was cited and released Nov. 7 on suspicion of theft. Police said Pace allegedly stole a video camera mounted outside a residence in the 800 block of Sea Spray Drive and that the theft was captured on video.

DRUGS/WARRANTS, BULLHEAD CITY — Codi Michelle Duncan, 26, and Cheyenne Rochelle Garber, 25, were arrested Nov. 7 in the 1700 block of Highway 95. Duncan was arrested on suspicion of possessing dangerous drugs and possessing drug paraphernalia, as well as three separate misdemeanor warrants for failure to appear and post-adjudication. Police say Duncan was found to be in possession of approximately 4.3 grams of methamphetamine. Garber was arrested for a misdemeanor failure to appear warrant. Both were booked into Mohave County jail in Kingman.

VIOLATING PARK CLOSED HOURS, BULLHEAD CITY — Douglas Michael Weaver, 73, was cited and released Nov. 8 on suspicion of violating closure hours at Community Park, in the 1200 block of Highway 95. 

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