BULLHEAD CITY — Bullhead City Council opted Tuesday to re-open city beaches on weekends but put emphasis on allowing access to residents.

There will be a limit of 400 non-resident vehicles allowed into Community and Rotary parks each day. There will be no limit to the number of resident vehicles allowed into the parks, though city staff said there typically is limited used of the parks on weekends by city residents.

Council member Mark Clark came up with the re-opening plan proposed to replace Mayor Tom Brady’s emergency proclamation that closed the beaches Friday through Sunday starting July 7.  

Clark said the number of people in the Bullhead City area didn’t drastically reduce as a result of the closure of beaches and other points of access to the Colorado River.

At other recreation areas along the river such as Davis Camp and Katherine Landing, which are not under city control, “we’re seeing people crowded in together.”

Clark also made note of a study being conducted by Arizona State University looking at whether Vitamin D deficiency in people who contract COVID-19 can make the virus more virulent.

Council member Steve D’Amico asked for locals to have access. He said it would “be the only way I’d support” re-opening the parks.

Brady voted against the modified proposal brought to Tuesday’s council meeting by Clark and Council member Tami Ring.

Brady said he ordered the beaches closed because medical professionals have died of COVID-19, such as Katherine Hughart, a retired nurse who went back to work at Western Arizona Regional Medical Center to help in the emergency room.

Re-opening the beaches too soon could jeopardize progress and result in longer-term economic trouble. 

“If we re-open too soon,” said Brady, “I fear (Gov. Doug Ducey) will close all non-essential businesses again.”

He also made note of the city’s 14,000 seniors and 7,600 children affected by COVID-19.

The seniors have been staying home and “living in fear” of the virus. Children need to return to school, he said.

Visitors to the city don’t simply take the virus back to their own communities but also spread it to people here when they patronize local businesses.

Brady did offer to reopen beaches after 4 p.m., but that wasn’t looked upon as favorably as D’Amico’s proposal.

The re-opening rules are in effect until Sept. 6.

Brady’s emergency proclamation that requires face coverings in all enclosed public places was narrowly upheld by a 4-3 vote.  Council members Annette Wegmann, Ring and D’Amico voted against it.

Council members will revisit it Sept. 15.

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Wearing these dumb masks and “Social Distancing” has had zero effect on the spread of this man-made virus given to use courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party. It seems that Herd Immunity and eventually a vaccine will be the only cure. The only effect that I, and others, have experienced are recurring sinus infections from constantly having to cover your face at work and while in public places.


Well, Doctor, I am so happy to hear all that! So basically your saying because ‘you and others’ have not been hit by the virus, screw everyone else that has! Wow, what a horrible hateful way to feel about people. That’s the problem with this country, no empathy, no compassion. No one gives a crap about masks or social distancing until it hits close to home. THEN it’s the oh my gosh I had no idea how horrible it is, if I would have only known.

I feel sorry for you. I know that means nothing to you, but I feel more sorry for those that you out in danger with you IDGAS attitude.

Linda rhoutsong

You forgot to say when this opening begins. Why dont you not let any California or nevada state licenses in period. That would keep them away until things get better.

Desert Bat

There is a reason God made guns, and that's for when Government vaccines are made mandatory.

Linda rhoutsong

Why haven't they open the launch ramps on private streets like park lane. It's so insane like one boat at a time are 1 jet ski at a time gets put in there and then they take off.


Cowards! Absolute cowards. Those that continually want to re-open things and allow the invasion of outsiders into our area either bringing the virus with them making our locals ill or taking it back with them and making others ill, are cowards. They would rather cow tow to the whims of others than put the health and safety of those they are suppose to protect first and most important. All one had to do was open both eyes and they could see that once the word circulated that options for launching were limited they were able to see that the influx of outsiders into the area had gone done. There were a lot less people on the roads towing boats which in turn meant there were a lot less people that could either possibly make others ill or get ill themselves. If we keep allowing ourselves to buckle under to the whining of others, we will never get rid of the virus. Personally, I would much prefer to make a short term hard sacrifice, get rid of this virus and all the hardships it brings with it and finally get back to normal once and for all. Yet it seems as though its business as usual around here, take one step forward and fall back two, all because someone or some special interest group whined a little about something that inconvenienced them.

Also have to ask yourself about the face coverings narrow vote. It was upheld by a narrow margin of 4-3. Why? Is that too such an inconvenience? It would seem that if it helped to limit the spread of the virus, it would then be a no brainer. Yet, once again, some complained and those that are in place that are suppose to serve and protect us decide to vote against it. Really? Thinking is hard, yes?


Well said!! Everyone is a doctor and a scientist now. I always ask people next time you go to doctor and have to have surgery tell them don’t worry about washing up or wearing a mask, it’s all a conspiracy!!!

You can’t fix stupid.


Are you kidding!! Please do not vote for the three who voted against at least wearing mask!! Reopening to soon is ill responsible, money talks health walks!!


Now they can get rid of all the ghetto fencing along Hwy 95. It looks terrible. Makes us look like ghetto L.A.


Dear Mayor Brady. You made the statement that Seniors are staying home, living in fear of the Covid. I assure you, the only reason I personally am staying home, is not out of fear of the Covid, it is because of your stupid face mask mandate. I have been advised by my Doctor not to wear a mask for my own personal well being. Going out in public has been made impossible because of your order. Your order has emboldened ignorant people to treat anyone who doesn't fall in line like sheep being herded as selfish. These people are now BULLYING anyone they feel like bullying. Congratulations, your policy has made Bullhead City the equivalent of a Middle school full of adolescents.


Soooo, wear a face shield. Pretty simple.


I'm not sure there is any decision he could make that wouldn't anger a large group of people. The mask thing has it's holes, but being at Walmart the other day I seen a younger family not wearing a mask at all. She literally coughed into the container of movies, and 2 minutes later here comes an older woman who does have a mask on but is going through the movies and could had easily got covid. So yeah just sucks some people should have a mask on if they can't cough onto their own body, but how to know who needs to wear one is impossible. Masks are if better use to stop infected droplets from going out onto everything than coming in, but it's obvious now we never even had a chance to stop this spread from the start. We are too diverse to follow the same instructions, time to go back to normal.

j ball

First of all thank you to Mayor Brady for supporting our seniors, children trying to go back to school and first responders regarding opening the beaches in BHC. SHAME, SHAME SHAME on the rest of the city council who apparently only care about CA. residents having their fun and fouling our beaches. I would like to see you out at the beaches and stand up for a city park employee explaining to a screaming CA resident why they can't come in or they have to repay when they leave and want to come back into the beach area. I'd like to see you with our police when they have to put up with screaming CA residents when their car is towed for parking on the street to walk into the beach area. I'd also like to see you try to break up fights when these CA residents get drunk and disorderly at the beach. Are you going to be there????? I hope you can sleep easy knowing you continued the virus spread in our town because you wanted the beaches open now.


Well said!

First mate smee

them party like it’s their last day. For some family members it could be when they get back home. Mr Brady you did good this time on the advice of medical professionals. Money wins, out over common sense every time. Party on, let God sort them out.


All City Council members voted to re open our parks, Mayor Brady was against it. Thank you City Council! The Mayor stated that covid cases have decreased since he alone instituted his draconian measures. What he failed to mention though is that from 7/24 to 8/4 is that BHC has had more daily cases (with the exception of 2 days) than Lake Havasu City (LHC). LHC has remained open. As such, the mayor’s draconian measures did nothing to stop the spread, it only hurt our businesses.

Concerning the wearing of masks, I encourage everyone to read ‘Mask Facts’ by the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, June 2020. One will see that cloth masks virtually do nothing to stop the virus, you’re under a false sense of security. Further if you read the info on the mask box you’ll see that it states that the masks don’t protect against the virus.

Finally, the mayor stated that he couldn’t get info about hospitalizations etc from the hospital because of HIPPA laws. HIPPA laws were instituted to protect an individual’s private information, not to protect aggregate numbers from a hospital. We must demand this information from our local hospitals so we are aware of facts, not panic porn! We also need to be informed of how the covid patients are being treated. Are they being treated with hydroxychlorine cocktail, are they being treated with oxygen or vented, are they being treated with Dr Richard Barlett’s successful nebulizer treatment (Midland Texas)?

As with other viruses, I doubt this one is going away. The irrational responses, misinformation, and fear mongering must stop, but that won’t happen until each of us responsibility educates ourselves.


Before anyone runs out and starts putting faith in Fact Sheets from the Association of American Physicians, please look at the Wiki article about this group. They have a history of supporting "medical facts" that are more politically motivated than scientifically accurate.

The Salmon

How do I run for City Council? These 2 morons are voting against the city's safety? Which seniors are living in fear? Children CANNOT go back to school in the midst of a pandemic! If I, or any member of my family get sick, I'll be at the next meeting to hug, then sneeze on each of you!


People like babajan are the reason we can`t get this pandemic under control. And what about this statement - "The seniors have been staying home and “living in fear” of the virus". Could have fooled me, as I see plenty of them out and about without any face coverings.


As a senior I only wear a mask because it is mandatory. I am an avid casino goer and until lockdowns was among people a lot. Laughlin was virus free the last I checked. It may have changed since I haven't checked for awhile. I sanitized often and didn't get up front and personal with others. I didn't wear a mask when shopping either until mandatory. Many seniors are out and about every where I go. I don't see fear as much as I see frustration over being able to come and go freely. Most of us have been around and know we are in our twilight years years so death is coming sooner than later than a lot of people. Not trying to rush it but can't be afraid either. Masks hinder breathing and thecause an intake of CO2 which is unhealthy especially for the elderly. In other words, don't speak for us unless you are one of us.because scared is NOT why we stay home if we do stay there!! Masks is a bigger reason.


This Pandemic is not going away soon so people WEAR The Mask & where it properly not down your nose. Think of others & not be selfish.


Mask Up, or Shut Down

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