BULLHEAD CITY — On Tuesday, the Bullhead City Council will consider supporting the environmental assessment for Golden Vertex Corporation’s plan to expand Moss Mine onto federal land.

The council meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 1255 Marina Blvd.

Moss Mine now operates on 254 acres of private land about 5 miles east of the city in the foothills of the Black Mountains. 

Being proposed is to move onto about 528 acres of federal land for further mineral exploration. The land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Kingman and the Lake Havasu field office. 

An open pit mine, expanded heap leach pad, rock stockpiles, solution pond and buildings, as well as associated roads and infrastructure, are proposed for this Moss Mine expansion, according to a staff report written for the council by City Manager Toby Cotter. 

Golden Vertex also has identified federal lands around existing mining operations on which it intends to conduct exploratory drilling.

The city would support the assessments and “possible economic activity,” Cotter wrote.

For example, Golden Vertex plans to employ 150 people a year during the decade of mining planned.

Moss Mine has produced more than 12,000 ounces of gold and 77,000 ounces of silver since March, according to previous reports.

Members of the public have until Sept. 14 to comment about the Golden Vertex plan. Comments may be registered on the project web page at https://go.usa.gov/xyhMR; faxed to (928) 718-3761; or mailed to BLM Colorado River District Office, Kingman Field Office. 2755 Mission Blvd. Kingman, AZ 86401. Faxes and mailings should include the phrase “ATTN: Trevor Buhr, Moss Mine Project.”

CRHS Museum expansion plan

Council members also will consider a conceptual plan for a second phase to the Colorado River Historical Society Museum that would be used to display  more of the museum’s collection, provide a library area and office space.

The addition would be on the south side of the museum and nearly double the size of the 2,100 square feet structure — which excludes the porch. 

The museum moved into its new building at Community Park last December. It had been on Highway 68 in the old Catholic Church at Davis Camp since 1991.

Vada and Larry Mercer are donating money for Phase 2. Vada and her late husband also provided a significant portion of the money needed to construct Phase 1. 

The Parks and Recreation Commission recommended the plan to the council last month. 

If the council approves the expansion plan as is, the sidewalk that currently runs from the Moss Mine headframe to the porch would have to be relocated.

The museum board wants to begin construction as soon as the council approves this second phase of the structure.

In other business

Cotter plans to talk about a Sept. 10 special meeting of the council to discuss potential water rates. Other topics he listed on the agenda include: Fall sports tournaments; cost-of-living index; and the Mohave County Fair. 

Council members will go into executive session before the meeting to consult an attorney concerning the “financing of and associated ballot/election issues related to the possible acquisition of EPCOR’s water system in and around Bullhead City.”

No legal action will be taken during the executive session called according to Arizona Revised Statutes 38-431.03(A)(3). It begins at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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Fort Mohave Resident

Golden Vertex Corporation is an Canadian owned company, Bullhead City council you bash EPCOR for being a Canadian owned company and yet you promote this mine. I'm sure you benefits some how fatten your pockets. Bullhead Council you are the most crooked as they come. Soon the word will get and when other Canadian or foreign owned company choose not to come to Bullhead it will be the fault of the 7 city council members. All seven of you should be fired and replaced.

Fort Mohave Resident

Our City council is corrupt as them come, giving a hotel complex on Silver creek a tax reduction of $1 a year so they can rent the building and use the so-called water park and yet the hotel gives them nothing in return and changes the entire build structure. Toby Cotter you disappointed the residents on Bullhead enough, resign and let somebody else in the can do a better job then you.

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