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Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady, left stands with Cindy Frizelle, president of Tri-State Military Moms Inc., and Ret. Air Force Chaplain Paul Pitts on Tuesday before the city council meeting. Tri-State Military Moms, the city and Arizona Department of Transportation are partners in the community’s Military Recognition program.

BULLHEAD CITY — The military recognition program banner retirement ceremony conducted by Tri-State Military Moms, Inc., was more sedate this time around. Because of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, only 10 spectators were allowed to attend Tuesday’s Bullhead City Council meeting.

Some volunteers with the nonprofit, which has been supporting military members and their loved ones since 2001, stood outside watching President Cindy Frizelle read the names of 11 men and women who have left active duty. 

City staff set up a large-screen television for people who couldn’t find spots to sit inside.

Close relatives of people with ties to the Bullhead City area often come to the council meetings for this twice-a-year ceremony when that person’s banner is retired.

One of these ceremonies occurs during a city council meeting each May to mark Memorial Day, with another in November to commemorate Veterans Day.

For each banner coming down, Frizelle reads a biography about the person whose photograph is emblazoned across it. 

The banner usually is shown at the meeting. Mayor Tom Brady also presents a certificate of appreciation to each of the retirees’ families.

The council meeting usually pauses to allow the families ample opportunities to mingle and take photographs. 

This time, however, there were no certificates and no banners. All will be delivered to the families’ homes. 

City Clerk Sue Stein created a PowerPoint presentation displayed on screen as Frizelle read the names of the 10 men and one woman who have completed the military service that prompted their banners being placed on light poles along Highway 95, referred to as Heroes Highway.

Tri-State Military Moms, the city and the Arizona Department of Transportation are partners in the military recognition program.

Space on Hancock Road now exists to add more banners because the 11 miles of Heroes Highway in Bullhead City had filled up.

Retirements: Caci Arias, U.S. Navy; Jerod Byley, U.S. Army; Blaze Ciardullo-Finn, U.S. Air Force; Daniel Hallop, U.S. Air Force; Austin Keating, U.S. Army; Allen Kirkland, U.S. Army; Andrew Nelson, U.S. Navy; Colbey Probst, U.S. Navy; Zakery Probst, U.S. Navy; Matthew Sanchez, U.S. Army; Aiden Shaver, U.S. Air Force.

Nominees: Christopher Acree, U.S. Marines; Isaiah Adano, U.S. Army; Zachary Belpedio, U.S. Marines; Erin Breaux, U.S. Army; Tanner Cordeiro, U.S. Air Force; Alexis Dozier, U.S. Army; Evan Griffiths, U.S. Navy; Isiah Hernandez, U.S. Navy; Skyler Loofburro, U.S. Army; Craig Oliver, U.S. Air Force; Ryly Payson, U.S. Air Force; Kai Pignato, U.S. Army; Cody Southard, U.S. Army; Ian Young, U.S. Navy.


Council members approved changes in the code that would target dog owners who violate the code more than once by having a dog at large. Repeating this type of code violation could result in a fine and criminal penalties.

This would reverse changes made to the code in 2018 that made some violations, such as dog at large, not include the possibility of jail time.

Another revision no longer will require cats to be licensed.

Resident Steven Lee spoke against not requiring cat licensing, saying it could further encourage people to attract feral cats to residential areas by feeding them but not taking additional responsibility for the animals.

“It’s a serious health and safety problem,” said Lee, who has had no success in finding help with a situation with neighbors feeding feral cats and ignoring their other needs — including not picking up droppings in surrounding yards (including Lee’s) and letting them breed uncontrollably. 

“If you feed a cat, you own a cat,” Lee said.


Among fee changes proposed to take effect July 1 are refundable deposits on each ball field and facility being reserved. The city code only specifies one $250 refundable deposit for all sites being reserved. Suddenlink Community Center and Senior Center reservation fees will go up for use of some locations. Four of the seven council members, led by Steve D’Amico, decided to increase the charge for use of the Suddenlink Community Center Multipurpose Room to $200, not the $250 proposed by city staff.



Council members decided not to auction city-owned property in the 1300 block of Silver Creek Road, the site of a new Holiday Inn Express. The city and developer, Lamont Companies, will renegotiate a lease agreement that no longer requires the project to include a convention center. All other staff-proposed changes in fees stayed the same. Most fees weren’t changed.


Council approved a memorandum of understanding between the city and Bullhead City Fraternal Order of Police Officers Association. Beginning July 1 through June 30, 2021, among new agreements will be a 1.6% cost of living adjustment for sworn officers and dispatch employees as well as a $250 uniform allowance to purchase authorized safety glasses.

Brady said he didn’t want to see the next MOU proposal contain the uniform allowance request because after that type of equipment purchase is made, the city should have to replace these types of glasses only if they are broken while on assignment.


Resurfacing of the city’s municipal pool ended up costing more than originally planned.

Council members OK’d an additional $22,311 for the work. The project was budgeted for up to $60,000 but no one submitted a bid to do the job last year.

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