BULLHEAD CITY  — Scores of people attended Tuesday’s City Council meeting to learn more about a behavioral health residential facility proposed for 2150 Silver Creek Road.

People involved with the project spoke to the city council about what they intend to operate in response to the Planning and Zoning Commission’s rejection earlier this month of the conditional-use permit application for a 120-bed facility.

They also presented council members with thick informational packets.

City Manager Toby Cotter suggested that council members tour the facility on March 3 and have a public hearing about it on March 17.

People in the audience complained that the applicants, Rivyve Behavioral Health of Kingman, should be heard from during the meeting. Enough council members were willing to listen so company representatives were allowed to speak.

The staff report explained that the application was rejected by commissioners because of the permit’s life span. City staff and the applicant had agreed on a 10-year permit duration. The commission had in mind a three-year permit and almost started to vote 

on it until the applicant asked that it be for 10 years. The subsequent commission vote went against the permit application.    

Kristen Ott, director of Rivyve, announced during Tuesday’s meeting that the location could be reduced to just 90 beds for alcohol and substance detoxification and treatment of adults. The application still needs to have a 10-year life span, she explained.

A longer time period for this type of permit provides the applicant with more time to advance the project.

Ott said establishing working relationships with local groups and organizations that work with people struggling with addiction will be paramount. 

Chris Luciano, another Rivyve director, wanted to address concerns about the size of the facility. 

“I understand when I hear people who don’t want it in their neighborhood,” but to have someone you know and love going through addiction is “devastating,” Luciano said.

“It’s about saving lives. Let’s get them the support to be functioning members of society,” he added.

Council members accepted Cotter’s recommendation to begin considering the permit application appeal next month.

The existing 38,000-square-feet structure on Silver Creek Road was built in 2005. Until about a year ago it was used as a nursing home.


The other action items:

  • Approved a final plat for the redeveloping the former Kmart building. The 8.6-acre property lies on the east side of Highway 95, about 600 feet south of the highway’s intersection with Hancock Road, east of the City Square shopping center. It would be subdivided into four parcels.
  • Approved economic incentives worth $127,000 to increase the size of Dot Foods’ 190,000-square-feet facility by another 69,000 square feet this year. The addition could require employing 60 more people in full-time jobs with benefits. Brady and Council Member Steve D’Amico voted against the proposal.
  • Approved an increase in the Colorado River Water Safety Fee charged to businesses that rent watercraft for their required consumer advisory forms. It was lower than the idea presented to the council: A $5 raise instead of the $10 raise. The amount for each form will be $10. 
  • Allowed establishment of two no-wake zones in the Colorado River. A proposed no-wake zone about 985 feet long would lie toward the narrow area by Community Park. The no-wake zone in front of Harrah’s Hotel & Casino would be about 1,100 feet long under a revised configuration.  
  • Dropped the idea of increasing the Transient Occupancy Tax from 2% to 4% of the total bill for tourists’ motel, hotel and RV stays. 
  • Tabled a proposed amendment to the city’s municipal code pertaining to owner responsibility for sewer lines. It will come back later with rewrites.
  • Approved an update of the city’s ADA Paratransit Plan and the “Title VI Implementation Plan” as it relates to delivery of transit and transportation services.  
  • Authorized sale by public auction of excess city properties at 2101 Hermosa Drive and 1887 Sea Breeze Lane.

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