KINGMAN — More than a half-dozen citizens condemned a Planning and Zoning Commission member Monday for what they called “xenophobic and racist” social media posts. 

They appeared during the Mohave County Board of Supervisors meeting, requesting that Lajuana Gillette be sanctioned for the comments they found troubling.

Kingman resident J’aime Morgaine, a Democratic candidate for state Senate last year, read into the record what she said Gillette posted:

“We have a country that is turning brown which means that in no time at all white people will be in the minority whether it be because of interracial marriages or illegals coming across the border. The United States is becoming more and more brown. We have to fight for our county and America. We must stop minorities from coming here and trying to change us. We had better wake up before we lose America for our children and grandchildren.”

Critics of the post said Gillette enjoys every right to freedom of expression guaranteed under the Constitution but they questioned whether she could be fair and impartial when people of color bring planning- and zoning-related requests before the commission. Some said that such comments from a quasi-public official represent another blemish upon area communities already branded by outsiders as racist and intolerant.

Morgaine went further, suggesting that the totality of Gillette’s post, in her view, fostered hate that breeds violence across the nation.

“They present the same ghastly rhetoric that fueled the mass shooting in El Paso,” she said.

Gillette, a Lake Havasu City resident, did not attend the board meeting and she did not immediately respond to request for comment. Gillette is appointed to serve District 5, Sup. Ron Gould’s district.

Gould said he was not at all inclined to accept suggestions that Gillette undergo counseling or be censured or asked to resign.

“I’m going to tell her to watch her choice of words,” Gould said. “I’m not concerned about Lajuana shooting up a Walmart.”

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This is NOT a person who should be working in government. I don't believe my tax dollars should be supporting anyone who espouses such racist and xenophobic views. Fire immediately!

Christine Baker

I agree, bellman. Thing is, Ron Gould's comments document his IGNORANCE:

“I’m going to tell her to watch her choice of words,” Gould said. “I’m not concerned about Lajuana shooting up a Walmart.”

I'm not worried about Gillette shooting up a Wal-Mart either.

I AM worried about the many RADICAL militia type Trump Lovers in this county. Recently one guy called for the LONE dissenter in a long Trump loving thread in a GV Facebook group to be hung. All she did was state that athletes have the right to express their political opinion.

Many people have told me to kill myself and even threatened to kill me. Not just over politics, people are VICIOUS in Mohave County.

Anyway, I've been informed that only Ron Gould can fire Gillette, he thinks it's funny and jokes about it -- so he needs to be recalled.

Is there anyone in his district willing to start a recall?

And people of color are subjected to hatred and discrimination all the time.

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