KINGMAN — The county will again conduct ground fogging in the Mohave Valley area tonight.

Ground fogging will occur about 8 p.m. weather permitting. 

Fogging will take place south of Courtwright Road to Cheyenne Drive and east and west between View Lane and Ranchero Lane.

Fogging also will occur in the Quail Run subdivision at the southeast corner of Mountain View Road and Courtwright Road and the residential area north of Courtwright Road between Tropicana Avenue and Ranchero Lane.

Fogging also will take place on Laguna Road from Mountain View Road to Vanderslice Road and south to Maverick Drive, including the two communities and River Valley High School.

Residents should stay indoors with the windows shut and the air conditioner turned off during fogging. Bring pets indoors and cover swimming pools, tables, play equipment or fish ponds. 

If exposed to the spray, wash off skin or rinse out eyes as well as wash any exposed fruits and vegetables.

Residents should empty standing water such as in ponds or abandoned pools, which mosquitoes often breed.

Residents should periodically change water in flower pots, bird baths, small pools and animal water bowls. Residents should fix the screens on their windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out of the home.

People can protect themselves from mosquitoes by wearing long sleeve shirts or apply insect repellant with DEET to exposed skin. 

Mosquitoes usually are most active from dusk to dawn.

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