La Tea Da's

Two participants of La Tea Da's "Snow Buddies" class paint their snowmen bases with instruction from shop owner Carolyn Larson. 

BULLHEAD CITY – Come all ye crafters, to the one-stop shop for advice, supplies and even lessons on do-it-yourself projects — La Tea Da’s. This vintage paint boutique specializes in antique décor and hand-painted furniture, and also features consignment work from local artisans. 

With four of her five children out of school, longtime Bullhead City resident Carolyn Larson decided to turn one of her favorite hobbies into a business, opening up shop in 2014. 

“It’s kind of a fun type of a store to have because people are really into crafting and reusing or ‘reloving’ things right now,” Larson said. “It’s good for the environment, it’s good for the budget and it’s good for the soul to get a little creative.”

She paints most of the furniture in her store herself, and also has built a few of the pieces. She carries a vast selection of high-quality furniture paint in store, as well. 

Mostly a self-taught crafter, getting ideas from Pinterest and Youtube, Larson has also taken a few skills classes. She recently partook in DIY Paint’s bootcamp in Tennessee, learning new techniques and tips from the makers of one paint line she carries in store, Larson said.

Larson has been crafting, painting and woodworking for years and will gladly offer her expertise to anyone looking for project help.

“I’m here to walk people through it. If they want my advice, it’s free,” Larson said. “I always tell them they can do it themselves, but some people don’t have the time or confidence to take on a project, so I do take custom orders.”

For those who want a crafting lesson, Larson hosts two DIY classes a month. She posts the upcoming projects on her Facebook page at This time of year her classes revolve around Christmas, like wooden “Snow Buddies” and pallet stockings. She supplies all of the necessary materials and decorations to make the craft and already has everything measured and distributed in stations when guests arrive. Larson gives simple instructions and lets guests add their own flair to each project, assisting as needed, she said. 

Larson also offers technique classes to teach participants different painting skills such as distressing, blending and aging a piece. There are two types of technique classes. The first is called “pick your piece” where guests will try a certain technique on a small piece such as a candlestick. The second is called “anything you can carry,” which literally means choosing a piece of furniture that you would be able to carry out of the store and purchasing paint from Larson to try out the technique. 

Larson said she will often give free live demonstrations posted on Facebook for certain crafts and skills as well. 

Aside from furniture, there are all kinds of gift items available at La Tea Da’s. Local crafters make handmade cards, gift bags, aprons, jewelry, decorative signs, skincare items and more, that are all for sale within the store. 

The shop is open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday.

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