BULLHEAD CITY — There’s nothing like ice cream to break the ice.

The second ice cream social at Desert Valley Elementary School brought students and their families together with school staff Thursday evening to socialize and enjoy sweet treats.

The school’s student council came up with the idea for the event last year and it’s intended to be an annual gathering, Principal Sandra Brown said.

The ice cream social helps build relationships and shows the students’ families that “we’re here for you,” Assistant Principal Christopher Roy said.

School staff likes to see the children in a non-academic setting and the students are always glad to see their peers outside of class, Roy added.

The multipurpose room was filled with teachers, students, parents siblings and others, all chatting and enjoying ice cream.

Two varieties were offered: a bowl of vanilla with optional sprinkles, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and other toppings. Popsicles were available for the less-adventurous.

Brown said the student council, which sponsored the event, chose the toppings.

School leaders feel that running with the students’ idea gives them “ownership in the school,” she said.

Parents seemed to support the school’s philosophy.

Cheryl Savory said she thought the event was a good way to get her daughter, third-grader Breanna Savory-Green, involved in school activities and let her meet new people.

Ayda Espinosa brought her children Adrian and Yasmin, in part so they could interact with their friends outside school hours.

“And they were just really looking forward to their ice cream,” she added.

Espinosa attends almost every school event, she said.

“It’s important to be involved,” Espinosa said. “To support school stuff.”

About 340 people attended the social, Brown said, as a few late arrivals walked in.

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