Gary Keith Park donation

Olivia McCormick, chairwoman of the Gary Keith Civic Center Park project, accepts a ceremonial check for $10,000 from City Square — CSQ MGT, LLLC, — during Saturday’s grand re-opening of the Bullhead City shopping center.

BULLHEAD CITY — The developer of City Square shopping center in Bullhead City has donated $10,000 to the Gary Keith Civic Center Park project, money that will be used to help fund ongoing work at park.

“It’s exciting,” said Olivia McCormick, chairwoman of a volunteer committee overseeing the project at the intersection of Highway 95 and Marina Boulevard in the center of Bullhead City. “This is a tremendous donation for us.”

The money will come in handy. Phase 2 of construction is wrapping up and will include construction of a retaining wall, a circular drive and landscaping.

“We’re going to plant 250 shrubs in December,” McCormick said, noting that will help “finish up Phase 2.”

“As you can see, the park is taking shape.”

It took a long time for the 22-acre park to go from the planning stages to construction. Originally planned in the late 1990s at the urging of the local men’s ambassadors group Los Matadores de Bullhead City, the park was viewed as a way to honor the late Gary Keith, one of the organization’s founding members.

Los Matadores approached the Bullhed City Council with a general plan and in 2004 a formal use plan was adopted.

The park was vacant — and work dormant — until a few years ago when several people, including McCormick, resurrected the plans, tweaked them to reflect changes in needs, then began fundraising for the project estimated to cost more than $4 million.

The project is being developed by Community Pride Advocates, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, through donations and civic and community partners.

Phase 1 included clearing out the park site, drilling of a well and installation of electrical and water lines.

Phase 2 has included landscaping, creation of walking paths and a civic walkway and construction of a parking lot.

Phase 3 calls for construction of an amphitheater at the southern end of the park for outdoor concerts, plays and shows. Phase 3 is expected to be the most expensive phase for the project with McComick hoping that a combination of donations and grants can make it possible.

The park already has seen considerable use. The open event center — essentially the middle of the park — already has been used by several organizations, most recently for Corn Fest and Halloween Truck or Treat.

Fundraising is ongoing, McCormick said.

“Any donation is always readily accepted,” she said.

For more information on the park and fundraising efforts, go to

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