BULLHEAD CITY — Tri-state residents on both sides of the Colorado River chimed in Thursday after a major earthquake rocked the Mojave Desert near Ridgecrest, California.

The United States Geological Survey placed the quake at 10:33 a.m. at magnitude 6.4. Ridgecrest is about 180 miles west of Bullhead City.

“Felt the earthquake in Fort Mohave, Az.,” said Billie Peel in a message to the Mohave Valley Dail News through Facebook. “My wind chimes in the house started chiming, then they got loud; the bird cage hanging from the ceiling rocked back and forth and then a jolt or movement of earth...”

Thomas Kidding, of Mohave Valley, also reported feeling the quake.

“We just had an earthquake!” he posted at 10:43 a.m. Later, he described the sensation.

“I was home in Mohave Valley near Spirit Mountain,” he wrote. “Honestly, it felt like a big truck driving by. I was laying in bed watching TV and the bed

 shook. I got up to see if it was, in fact, a truck when my wife, who was watching TV on the couch, said she felt it, too.

“I saw no trucks so I started to think it might have been a tremor and turned to online.”

There, he found confirmation of the quake. Not that he really needed that confirmation; he already was pretty sure of what he had experienced.

“It shook the bed enough that I felt like I was laying on the washer while it’s in the spin cycle,” he wrote.

Jessica Queen posted on the MVDN Facebook page that she felt the quake in Las Vegas on the “28th floor of the MGM Grand. The whole building was swaying so much that it woke us up.”

Sharon Harrison-Biddle, posted: “Yes, I sure did (feel it). My ceiling fans were swinging and my grandfather clock weights were swinging and it actually stopped the grandfather clock pendulum because of its swinging so hard.”

Added Beka Plowman: “I felt it in Bullhead. My son thought a ghost was shaking his seat.”

“I felt it here in Golden Shores ... rolling, but enough to notice,” Julie Booth posted.

Claudia Kidwell joined a list of other Bullhead City residents who said “Definitely felt it in Bullhead City.”

Others from Needles, Topock and Lake Havasu also joined in on the conversation, saying they, too, had felt the earthquake.

But not everyone did.

“We are (in) Fort Mohave and didn’t feel anything,” Ernestine Harper-Van Tassel posted on the MVDN Facebook page. “Everyone around us felt it, but we never felt it. Wow.”

And in Jan Sellers’ house in the center of Bullhead City, she said that she felt it but, “funny, daughter in bedroom did not.”

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I was also watching TV in bed at my home in Needles, and felt the bed moving, a rolling sensation. My girlfriend was in the living room, and noticed the fan pulls swaying. I immediately checked Google, and there was the confirmation.

Wile E Coyote

As of about 45 minutes ago (12:15PM 7/5), the U.S. Geological Survey had reported 152 aftershocks in the past 24 hours. If you're interested in tracking earthquakes, go to https://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/ and check it out.

Wile E Coyote

Another quake hit our area at 8:20PM tonight. Shaking was much more pronounced than yesterday's quake and lasted longer. Hope the dams are holding up!!!!

Wile E Coyote

Quake finally showed up on the USGS site. It registered 6.9 on the Richter Scale which is stronger by a bunch than the 6.4 yesterday.

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