Kasey McAllister, Trevor McAllister and Lin Jenner pose outside one of their furniture stores. They are preparing to leave the business this spring.

FORT MOHAVE — Jenner’s Home Furnishings has started preparing to close its doors for good after 30 years in business in the Tri-state.

And their website exclaims “It’s the end!” 

They are calling it a Retirement Sale. That’s because Lin Jenner is going to be retiring and her son, Trevor McAllister, is moving north with his family. 

Lin, who recently turned 65, was married for more than 20 years to Ron Jenner, who started off by selling pots along Highway 95 back in the late 1980s. Jenner operated stores over the years in Kingman, Lake Havasu City and Fort Mohave. Focus of the business narrowed to stores in Fort Mohave beginning in the mid-1990s. 

The mattress store closed last year. The Main Showroom and Outlet Center will be closing this spring.

“My stepfather loved furniture,” McAllister said.

McAllister was only 10 years old when his mother and Ron Jenner married in 1992. He grew up working for his stepfather and spent a significant amount of his youth at the stores, often moving and delivering furniture. But he did whatever was needed, including assisting with moving furniture to and from the local swap meets.

The goal of that rough marketing move wasn’t to sell anything but to let people know about the business and provide a glimpse of the type of merchandise they sold, McAllister explained.

He graduated from River Valley High School in 2001 and made his way into the world.

Ron died in 2015. McAllister and his wife, Kasey, were in Oregon when Ron died but came back to run the business “and take care of my mom,” he said.

After traveling back and forth monthly, it was decided the McAllister would relocate to Fort Mohave in early 2016.

They both worked hard in the stores to make sure they were a success.

“Kasey would help me move couches,” McAllister said. “And she did most of the marketing.”

McAllister had been working for Paul Mitchell School in Portland, Oregon, as a hairdresser when his stepfather died. 

He ended up serving as Jenner’s Furniture company president. At a small business, being president means being ready to do whatever is needed.

“The last three years built me a really good resume,” he said.

Ron also loved the community, McAllister said. 

He donated money to a variety of causes, including a variety of local sports teams and Saving Animals in Need Together, SAINT.

Ron, said McAllister, “had the biggest heart for dogs.”

He was keen on helping people who had dogs with serious health problems but couldn’t afford veterinary care, creating the Ron Jenner Pet Medical Emergency Fund. The store also let people know about SAINT animals needing homes and did other things to help the nonprofit.

The store also helped other local groups. 

Ron thought it was important to help the community, McAllister said.

Though all of the merchandise and real property is going to be sold, the McAllisters will be taking something special with them back up north: twin daughters who are now 15 months old.

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Often, when you hear about a furniture store "closing," it doesn't actually close. But in this case it does appear to be the end. Good luck to all involved!


Who is going to honor their warranty's? I just bought a leather chair with a five year warranty from them?

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