BULLHEAD CITY — Enrollment at Bullhead City elementary schools is down a little for the 100th day of instruction, Supt. Riley Frei told governing board members on Thursday evening, but the numbers are expected to rebound by the end of the school year, eliminating the need for substantial adjustment to the school district’s budget.

There were 2,782 students attending the Bullhead City Elementary School District’s six campuses on Day 100, Frei said. That’s down five from the 80-day count.

A new state aid formula based on current enrollment means that a large drop could mean financial pain for the district, but Frei said that he expects the BHCESD to add students as the year continues.

The district started the school year with 2,745 students.

Board members expressed disappointment in the intervention portion of the district’s Flex Friday program, saying that not enough students who need extra instruction are receiving it.

Frei said that administrators are getting commitments to have children attend the sessions but that, in some cases, the students still don’t show up.

“The enrichment piece is fantastic,” he said after the meeting. “The weekly intervention is good. But the students needing lots of help with basic skills are not getting there en masse.”

He said that administrators will bring to the board ideas on how to increase the participation of students who need intervention.

During Call to the Public, parent Michelle Denman sought board members’ help in reducing what she called a bullying problem at Bullhead City Junior High School.

She said that her daughter has been “harassed, assaulted and bullied” during her three years at the school, and has missed days and been physically ill because of the abuse.

Denman said that school and district officials have made efforts to address the problem, but that there has been no improvement.

She expressed concern that without changes at the campus, there could be a suicide or a child taking a weapon to school.

Board members assured her that the issue will be addressed with President Dennis Crane, articulating a goal of making sure that Denman’s daughter can finish the year safely.

Also during Call to the Public, parent Geni Borland criticized administrators’ handling of the information gathering process related to a grade-banding proposal adopted at last month’s meeting.

Borland said that while input from parents was sought, certain parents were asked not to be invited.

“It’s very frustrating when you want to be an involved parent,” she said, “And you are shut down by administration.”

In the only action items, the board:

  • approved the 2018-2019 academic calendar. The school year will start Aug. 1 and end May 23. 
  • accepted the resignation of Fox Creek Junior High Vice Principal Derek Sedler, who has taken a job with the Bullhead City Recreation Division.

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