BULLHEAD CITY — As temperatures rise, motorists always should be ready for the possibility of being stranded in extreme heat.

The Arizona Emergency Information Network (AzEIN), has a couple of safety tips to consider when going on road trips.

For drivers and passengers, it’s good to bring extra drinking water for everyone in the vehicle, including pets, an umbrella for shade and a fully charged cellphone. 

Take a cooler to keep extra drinking water cold and consider adding several frozen bottles of water to use for cooling off or to thaw and drink if needed.

If the car ends up breaking down and one must spend an extended time along a highway, AzEIN states that besides an umbrella; sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, loose-fitting clothes and light-colored cotton clothing should be available to have protection from the sun.

Before going on the road trip, it’s important to check the air conditioner and coolant levels of the car stated AzEIN. Top off any vital engine fluids and make sure that your battery is up to par; check tire pressure, as the combination of under-inflated or overinflated and hot pavement can lead to a blowout. While on the road, it is suggested to keep the gas tank at least three-quarters full to prevent running out of gas in a remote location during extreme heat.

If the vehicle does break down, the first thing one must do according to AzEIN is to call for assistance the right way to reduce wait time, run the air conditioning and if the air conditioning stops working, roll down all the windows.

Other recommendations from AzEIN if one becomes stranded on the side of the road are:

  • Avoid parking in tall brush.
  • Drink water, make sure everyone, including pets, stays hydrated.
  • If the temperature in the car becomes too hot, everyone, including pets, should exit carefully and seek out or create a shaded area as far away from the travel lanes as possible.
  • Be careful walking on the road surface, which can be hot enough to burn skin. Keep your shoes on and try to keep your pets’ paws off the pavement.
  • Raise the hood and turn on hazard lights.

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