BULLHEAD CITY — A lot of Tri-state families will be celebrating Father’s Day on Sunday, but some families will be remembering those fathers who have passed away.

The Arizona Department of Transportation has a special way for those who are remembering their fathers to honor them.

Caroline Carpenter, ADOT public information officer and communications specialist, said that the Schlecht family for the past 17 years has been cleaning a stretch of State Route 72 in La Paz County in honor of their parents. 

There are sections of highway available for such honors in nearly every part of state, including Mohave County.

According to ADOT’s interactive map, there are two open segments that are available along Highway 95 between Mohave Valley and Bullhead City. One is from Dike Road to a little bit past Boundary Cone Road and the other available segment is Ramar Plaza and Pass Canyon Road.

According to ADOT, there are more than 800 organizations that are cleaning almost 1,500 miles of the landscape along state highways in the Adopt-A-Highway program.

In order to participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program, a two-mile stretch of highway has to be adopted for a minimum of two years. Those individuals, group or organization doing the adopting agree to pick up litter, preferably three or more times per year. One time per year is the minimum requirement.

Adopt-a-Highway signs will be posted with the group’s name in the adoption section, Adopt-a-Highway will provide volunteers with safety vests, litter bags and safety training. 

ADOT stated that individuals who memorialize individuals, honor friends or family members the recognition sign may include the phrases, “In memory of,” or “In honor of.” 

Adopt-a-Highway volunteer program rules and guidelines apply to memorial and honor adoptions.

For more information on the Adopt-a-Highway program, contact Sam Massey at 928-681-6091.

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