Hay fire

Large stacks of hay burn late Friday night near the corner of King Street and Mountain View Drive in Mohave Valley. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

MOHAVE VALLEY — Four large stacks of hay were destroyed Friday night in a fire that is believed to be human caused.

The bermuda hay, stored in a tribal farms lot at the corner of King Street and Mountain View Drive in Mohave Valley, was valued at $185,000. It was a total loss.

No injuries were reported nor was there any known damage to nearby structures. Power lines and poles, owned by the tribal Aha Macav Power Service, were in the area of the blaze and will be inspected for damage once the fire is out.

That may be a while.

“That fire will burn for the next day or two,” said Don Gibson, fire marshal for the Mohave Valley Fire Department. “When you put water on a hay fire, it makes it worse.”

So instead of extinguishing it, authorities and the farmer are letting it burn itself out.

“The Mohave Valley Fire Department is monitoring it as is the farmer,” Gibson said, noting that the fire department likely will cede control of the site to the farmer today.

As a precaution, power was disconnected in AMPS lines at King Street and Highway 95 and at Willow Street and Mountain View Drive.

Gibson said the hay stacks were tarped, leading to the conclusion that the fire was started by humans. He stopped short of calling it arson because “the investigation is still pending.”

But, he said, the fact that the hay was covered, coupled with its age and the mild weather conditions at 10:30 p.m. made self-combustion unlikely.

He said units from the Mohave Valley and Fort Mojave Mesa fire departments responded. A Bullhead City Fire Department water tender, at the scene of the brush fire near the Avi Resort & Casino, originally was reassigned to the hay fire but was canceled.

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Johnny Dollar: Four stacks of hay "Valued at $185,000."?

Johnny Dollar: "I'm in the wrong business"!

Frank Atwood

Hay being under a tarp holds in heat, and bales of packed tight hay make's it's own heat, especially in hot weather. Could there be a chance it started naturally from it's own heat under a tarp? I know hay bales do create their own heat.


A "stack" of HAY is worth $45,000? Back in the day a "stack" of POT would not be worth that much. Whoever burned it should have just STOLEN it....

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