Bullhead City Police break up a fight on the beach at Community Park in one of their many calls for service during the Memorial Day weekend.

BULLHEAD CITY — Area first responders reported on incidents that came up in their service areas during the busy Memorial Day holiday weekend. 

There were watercraft accidents, alcohol-related complaints and an array of medical problems for which people in the region sought their help.

These are reports for the four-day period from Friday to Monday from the Bullhead City Police Department, Bullhead City Fire Department, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Bullhead City

This was the first holiday period that the city charged a $20 parking fee at Community Park to drivers not able to prove they lived in Bullhead City. The fee didn’t deter visitors to the parks, however. 

City residents can avoid paying the fee by bringing identification that shows their local address. 

There were 1,045 calls for service to the Bullhead City-based dispatch system that operates not only for Bullhead City but also Mohave Valley and Fort Mohave law enforcement and fire/paramedics as well as the Arizona Highway Patrol, according to the BHCPD.

BCFD personnel dealt with four watercraft accidents over the period. 

BHCPD responded to seven boating accidents. The BHCPD also wrote 37 boating citations. 

Overall, police reported 17 arrests, including one driving under the influence and one operating a vessel under the influence.

Not every request for assistance occurred near the Colorado River. Among other incidents going on in the city during the holiday period were 11 motor vehicle accidents to which the BHCPD responded.

And with a total of 153 calls for service over the four days, the BCFD had to contend with 11 brush fires, 19 falls, three episodes of heat exposure, five motor vehicle accidents, five reports of structure fires, a dumpster fire and 99 other medical assists. 

Mohave County

The report of holiday activities from the MCSO described the four days as ending after a “large increase of boating traffic throughout the county including the Colorado River and Lake Havasu.”

Among the numerous boating-related incidents were three injury collisions in which people received moderate injuries, three non-injury collisions with heavy damage, 11 medical calls and 16 boater assists.

Deputies made contact with 266 boaters for a variety of reasons and ended up writing 11 citations and 203 warnings.  

River Medical Paramedics were staged on several MCSO patrol vessels to help keep boaters safe and provide medical care as the needs arose.

MCSO also reported two separate critical incidents that included people who jumped off of unanchored boats that floated away from the people because of strong winds. In both cases, the people were struggling and began to drown. 

Passing boaters were able to pull all those involved from the water. However, no flotation devices were used to assist these swimmers in peril. The MCSO stressed that except for kayaks that watercraft more than 16 feet long are required to have a serviceable U.S. Coast Guard-approved flotation device on board.

San Bernardino County

Highlighted in incident reporting about the SBCSD’s Marine Enforcement Unit was an injury accident on the Parker Strip and a non-injury collision in the Park Moabi Channel.

The SBCSD wrote 50 boating citations and provided 110 verbal warnings. 

SBCSD arrested 20 people for boating OUIs.

The SBCSD’s activities during the holiday period through its Colorado River Station went on along the Colorado River from the California-Nevada state line to the Riverside County line as well as in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. Focus was on waterways with resorts, launch ramps and marinas.

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Sure would be nice if we locals could have just one holiday weekend without being invaded by a bunch of law breaking, disrespectful, rude out of staters.


They stopped 266 boaters and ONLY 11 citations, really? They probably should have given 250, its a complete accident waiting to happen especially the PWCs


Well...I guess we need the revenue...because Bullhead City could care less about Covid 19....we were never under any lockdown and let all those tourists come in!!!! We need the money..right!!??? Yeah..right!!!!!

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