BULLHEAD CITY — A former member of the Colorado River Union High School District asked that one of the current board members stop bullying other members — and that district staff create a policy that stops such behavior.

Kari Hoffman, a former CRUHSD board member and past board president, described Richard Cardone’s treatment of Board President Lori Crampton during the July and August board meetings as “bullying” and “disruptive” on Tuesday evening.

Hoffman also said it was “uncalled for and has no place in this district.”

She then noted that the district’s bullying policy only covers students — not employees, managers or the elected (and sometimes appointed) officials who serve on the CRUHSD board.

Even though Hoffman said it was surprising that the policy didn’t extend to the adults within the district, she said she also has heard of several instances of bullying by higher level employees against lower level employees.

Hoffman added that Cardone “should follow Robert’s Rules of Order” while conducting board business.

“If not, he should be removed or resign,” Hoffman added.

The board and superintendent usually don’t respond to public comments during the meeting where it was made. The information is usually followed up on by staff afterward, if needed.

Cardone was elected to the board in November 2018. He said during his campaign that his supporters saw things go on at meetings that they didn’t like and that they wanted a voice.

“I hope to be that voice,” Cardone said during the campaign, according to previous reporting.

During Monday’s meeting, Cardone and Crampton disagreed a few times. 

Cardone said he wanted to speak publicly about corrections he wanted made to the minutes of the August board meeting regarding his stance on the state regulation that allows the superintendent to determine whether fulfilling a records request could be detrimental to the best interests of the district.

He said he thinks it shouldn’t be up to the superintendent solely and that it isn’t in the best interest of the community. The minutes said the opposite.

Crampton said it’s better to email meeting minute correction requests to her.  

And when the board reached that same subject, which was scheduled for a vote, Cardone brought it up again. Crampton and CRUHSD Supt. Todd Flora explained that the board was looking only at the cost to the public for records they request from the district and not the superintendent’s ability to withhold some materials.

Both Crampton and Flora said the superintendent’s right to hold back certain things is regulation, not policy, so the board can’t change it.

Flora said last month that if such a matter did arise that he’d likely consult the board before rejecting the request outright.

In other business, the board:

  • Opted not to vote Monday night on the various intergovernmental agreements between CRUHSD and the Bullhead City Elementary School District. They are going to consult an attorney about some wording in a section of the Coyote Canyon shared use agreement about costs to CRUHSD. The two districts each have programs there. The Bullhead City Elementary School District board is expected to consider it when it meets Thursday. BCESD owns the building and CRUHSD pays for use of some space there. Extent of insurance coverage for CRUHSD needs to be clarified.
  • Approved raises for about four dozen classified and administrative employees at a cost to the district of $33,187.

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