FORT MOHAVE — A Fort Mohave man is facing driving under the influence charges after he was involved in an automobile accident that damaged a resident’s property.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Lauro Maldonado-Nieves, 35, was booked for two counts of aggravated DUI and one count of criminal damage following the accident Friday night in the 4800 block of Calle Del Media in Fort Mohave.

Reports indicated that a resident called authorities after hearing a crash and discovering a white pick-up truck in his front yard. A man, later identified as Maldonado-Nieves, was standing next to the vehicle.

The resident told authorities that

Maldonado-Nieves offered to pay him cash for the damage, then attempted to get into the truck and leave the scene. The resident said he stepped behind the vehicle to take a picture of the truck’s license plate and to prevent the truck from leaving.

Deputies reported that when they arrived at the scene, they smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Maldonado-Nieves, who refused to perform a field sobriety test and also declined to answer questions from the deputies.

He was detained, taken to Valley View Medical Center in Fort Mohave where a search warrant was served to authorize a blood draw.

A records check revealed Maldonado-Nieves’ driver license had been suspended.

He was booked into the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility in Kingman. Additional charges may be filed, pending results of the blood alcohol test.

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