BULLHEAD CITY — The 21st Century Community Learning Center Parents and Community Night kicked off with an informative presentation about E-cigarettes and vaping products.

The 21st Century Community Learning Center Parents and Community program is scheduled to take place every Tuesday night.

The inaugural presentation at the Anderson Auto Group Fieldhouse was directed at how some vaping companies market their product to minors.

Dean Wenrich, Mohave County Department of Health Community Health Educator, was giving the presentation and said that the focus is to prevent young people from vaping.

Wenrich said that a question he gets a lot is how long has vaping been around; he said that the first vaping patent was awarded in 1963.

One company that has is popular with minors is Juul, Wenrich said. He said it’s because it doesn’t look like anything related to tobacco.

“Part of the problem also is that Juul uses salt-based nicotine which is a way to get the nicotine to the brain faster,” said Wenrich. “One vaping device can equal to 20-40 cigarettes.”

Another thing that can attract minors to products such as Juul is cloud chasing.

“They are competitions and the prizes are in the thousands of dollars,” said Wenrich.

Wenrich showed a slide that suggested that seven in 10 teenagers are exposed to e-cigarette advertisements, according to information from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Wenrich said that online sales of products such as Juul are very lucrative and easy to access — even for minors — because all they need to do is click the button that states that they are over 21 years of age. He said that a lot of the vaping devices have been confiscated at the schools; the schools cooperate with the attorney general to turn them in so that they can be studied to see what is really in them.

“Their whole purpose to really get an honest reading of what’s in them because they will tell you that all the ingredients are safe,” said Wenrich. 

After the presentation, the forum was open to discussion and questions. 

A couple of topics that were talked about were if the schools had programs to actively deter minors from vaping, showing what a lung looks like from someone who vapes and someone who doesn’t and more.

The next 21st Century Community Learning Center Parents and Community program is going over the Foundations of Investing presented by Edward Jones.

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