Shawn Cameron

Shawn Cameron

KINGMAN — Multiple family members spoke on behalf of a convicted sex offender who was sentenced in Kingman on Thursday to 21 years in prison. 

Shawn Cameron’s mother, grandfather, aunt and others expressed bewilderment that the man they said was such a good father had been accused, let alone convicted, of sex crimes involving his adopted daughter.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Cameron’s grandfather said. “He’s been the best grandson that I think anyone can have.”

Other family members said the victim, now 20, fabricated the allegations when she had a troubled period as a teenager.

Prosecutor Amanda Claerhout rebutted that assessment, saying sex crime victims frequently act out due to trauma associated with their abuse. She also said manipulation by Cameron, 43, might explain why she waited more than a decade before telling anyone about the sexual activity that began when she was just 5 years old.

Claerhout handled the sentencing hearing while deputy Mohave County attorney Greg McPhillips took the case to trial in July. McPhillips said years of abuse by Cameron ended in Golden Valley in 2017 when the investigation began after the victim told friends and a school resource officer.

McPhillips said the victim didn’t realize the activity was wrong for years, but learned otherwise as she matured. Both McPhillips and the victim told the jury that Cameron repeatedly committed sex offenses during regularly scheduled “affection time” on Wednesdays and Sundays.

“It made me feel dirty,” the victim testified. “It made me hate him.”

The jury deliberated for almost three hours before convicting Cameron of luring a minor for sexual exploitation, sexual conduct with a minor and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

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Strange that the family would say he is innocent and the girl made up the allegations, I used to work with him, he made unwelcomed passes to a co-worker and when he worked at GCW he made unwelcomed passes at my wife and other coworkers. He is exactly where he belongs


Shame on the family members for not being there for the Adopted daughter. She did not make up any of it she is a close friend of my daughter and part of our family and she now has no parents in her life. She is alone on her own . She did not make up any of it. Shame on him and his family for not taking care of her.


Thank you for your support. Although, it is only the defendant's family who does not believe the victim. She does have other family members in her corner and love her. She did move out of state to get a fresh start. And she will overcome and not let this define her. Defendant has filed an appeal, as they all do I am sure. So keep her in your thoughts and prayers

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