BULLHEAD CITY — U.S. Senate candidate Daniel McCarthy made a campaign stop in Bullhead City last week, meeting potential constituents at That Dam Diner.

“This is a special election, of course,” said the 34-year-old Republican, who is challenging Martha McSally in the Republican primary. “This race is an emotional race because obviously, we have lost a Senate seat here in Arizona, at least the Republicans have. But let’s be honest about the whole situation: We haven’t had a Senate seat in a long time. It’s time for a reality check in the Republican Party.”

McCarthy prefaced his talk by saying that Washington, D.C., is going to try to make people believe that there is an incumbent — McSally — but he said that’s not the case.

“Martha did not win that seat. As a matter of fact, she lost the other seat (to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema) and then was appointed after another appointment,” said McCarthy. “Jon Kyl was temporarily appointed to that seat (following the death of John McCain) and then mysteriously decided to leave on Jan. 1, which was a known thing and then Martha was put in there.”

McCarthy said he and his wife created a successful business in the cosmetics industry. He also has a real estate organization in Phoenix.

“I’m telling you that not because I’m bragging but because we (McCarthy and his wife) have been the beneficiary of this great American system that’s been created,” said McCarthy. “You know how easy it is today in Maricopa County when you have a whole bunch of socialists, communist people I’m competing with. It’s not that hard is my point.”


McCarthy said that he’s running because he has heard the cries of those in the back of the room while serving as a Republican activist.

“I’ve listened to politicians come up to the front of the room and tell you what they are going to do only to go to D.C. and be bought and sold,” said McCarthy. “When we put Donald Trump in the Oval Office, I had no intention, ever, to run for office because it was nice to work on the outside and get the agenda done that we wanted to get done.”

McCarthy said that the country is at war, on multiple fronts starting with the Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party is now out and out communist,” he said. “We don’t have to call it socialist, we don’t have to hide behind it, it’s a communist movement. Let’s break that Democratic Party for good this election, let’s ruin it, that party has no more credibility and here’s why: When President (Barack) Obama was in office, he weaponized the IRS, never before had we seen this. They’re actually using government agencies to suppress the conservative movement. We have to respond in kind, the Democratic Party has to go away; they no longer have the credibility to be a party. For some of us, you may have grown up Democratic but this isn’t JFK’s Democratic Party, it’s Bernie Sanders’.”

Another front of that war, McCarthy said, is illegal immigration.

“We have 30 million illegal aliens in this country right now,” said McCarthy. “Now think about this for a second. If you have 30 million people bleeding the resources of our country, it doesn’t matter if you’re a saint and I don’t care what our moral aptitude is, we can’t sustain that. Eventually, it will enslave our children to debt. It’s just math. The moral of the story is that we have to secure our border. It goes beyond a wall. Without a border, we don’t have a country.”

McCarthy said that this is important not just because of financial resources but also because there are 60,000 deaths per year from Fentanyl and heroin.

“This no joke anymore,” said McCarthy. “Phoenix, Arizona, is the kidnapping capital of the United States, its No. 1 in the country and No. 2 in the world next to Mexico City. Human trafficking is now billions of dollars, trading our neighbors.”

The last front, according to McCarthy, is that there is a Muslim problem in the United States.

“We don’t have to call it radical Islam. We don’t have to hide behind it, it’s OK,” said McCarthy. “If anybody questions you on this, ask them this question: Show me a version of the Quran that’s different that’s taught to kids here in Arizona than the one that is taught in Afghanistan to ISIS. Show me a difference because there is none.

“Do you think by chance that those multiple fronts we are dealing with, some of these folks are pulling for the other ones to make sure that we crumble as a society.”

McCarthy said that there need to be big thinkers during these times to fight in a very sophisticated manner.

“It’s going to take a lot of unwinding but we can do it,” said McCarthy. “We’ve won every war that we’ve been in, we are not going to lose this one.”

On the topic of the Second Amendment, McCarthy said, “It is a God-given right, it was not given to us by any man or any government.

“It’s not theirs to take. Your politicians today cannot say that because they are bought and sold. Why that’s so important for you to understand is because I don’t have consultants from D.C. to tell me what to say.”

McCarthy said that his race is the most important race that he has seen.

“Mark Kelly (front-runner for the Democratic nomination) is an individual committed to changing the gun laws in this country,” said McCarthy. “He is the spokesperson for it and they’ve been investing in it for 10 years. If you send me past this nomination, what’s going to happen is that I’m going to beat him every single day all day long on this issue. I’m going to live in this man’s head for the rest of his life. It’s going to be profound what happens. Because we are going to do it with record-low spending, record-low staff and we are going to do it demonstrating conservatism the entire way.”

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I notice his last name is McCarthy. A fitting name for someone frothing about Socialists and Communists.

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