BULLHEAD CITY — Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey declared a state of emergency Sunday and announced a statewide, weeklong curfew after several nights of protests turned destructive and violent.

Ducey said in a statement that the curfew will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily until at least the early morning of June 8, and the emergency declaration “authorizes an expanded National Guard mobilization to protect life and property throughout the state.”

The governor also said police “will be equipped to make arrests of individuals who are planning to riot, loot or cause damage and unrest.”

Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady issued a statement about the statewide curfew.

“We will enforce to the intent of the Governor’s Declaration,” Brady said. 

“This does not impact the normal routines of our residents and visitors going about their daily business,” Brady also explained. “As the governor stated, this is an additional tool for law enforcement to prevent lawlessness as has been seen in cities across the country.”

The order states that during the overnight curfews hours “all persons are prohibited from using, standing, sitting, traveling or being present on any public street or in any public place, including for the purpose of travel...”

Exceptions include:

  • All law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics or other medical personnel, National Guard, as well as any other emergency response personnel authorized by the State of Arizona, and credentialed members of the media. 
  • Individuals traveling directly to and from work; attending religious services; commercial trucking and delivery services; obtaining food; caring for a family member, friend, or animal; patronizing or operating private businesses; seeking medical care or fleeing dangerous circumstances; and travel for any of the above services.
  • All forms of travel are included in the governor’s order and the phrase “public place” means “any place, whether on privately or publicly owned property, accessible to the general public, including but not limited to public streets and roads, alleys, highways, driveways, sidewalks, parks, vacant lots, and unsupervised property.”

“Exempt care” is necessary medical services for an individual’s self or family member.  

Protests have erupted in U.S. cities in the days since the death of George Floyd, a black man who died May 25 after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck until he stopped breathing.

Phoenix’s first protest unfolded after a Friday vigil for Dion Johnson, a 28-year-old black man who was fatally shot during an encounter with a state trooper along a city freeway.

Downtown Phoenix has seen three consecutive nights of protests with damage done to 18 buildings that Police Chief Jeri Williams said will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair.

On Saturday night, people knelt with their hands up in the streets outside Phoenix police and municipal buildings, chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “Black lives matter.” Officers used flash-bang grenades to disperse the crowd.

Police said 114 people were arrested on suspicion of rioting and unlawful assembly with five also accused of aggravated assault on a police officer.

Seven juveniles were detained for curfew violations and charges of rioting and unlawful assembly, police said.

In Tucson, protesters damaged some downtown buildings and vandalized the city’s police station over two nights leading to a handful of arrests.

The upscale Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale was targeted by protesters for the first time Saturday night with some people smashing windows at a dozen stores in and around the city’s Fashion Square before grabbing goods.

Scottsdale police said in a statement that 12 people were arrested on various charges and “at least one assault has been reported and millions of dollars in damages and theft occurred.”

Volunteers used shovels and brooms Sunday to clean up broken glass at the damaged Scottsdale stores and covered windows with plywood boards.

“The looting and violence we saw last night, especially in Scottsdale, simply cannot be tolerated. And it won’t be,” Ducey said. “Destruction of property does not qualify as freedom of expression.”

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Open your eyes Mr. Ducey we are not rioting here in Bullhead City. It is stupid and probably unconstitutional to take our rights away for no logical reason.


The folks in BHC are much more likely to riot if the Gov keeps locking normal residents down and sheltering in place. Lock down the nursing homes, the homeless bums and the rioters and leave everyone else alone you fascists!


Curfew to be enforced and adhered to by the City of Bullhead? Cannot wait to see how that works out. So called homeless will still be roaming the streets and trespassing on private property, those with illegal intent will still be out unabated and the 'tourist' will still be out doing what they want and going where they want. In other words, all will remain the same in Bullhead City, curfew or not.


BHC should secede from AZ and become part of NV. Then you could get casinos and be ab;e to compete for hotel room business with Laughlin. As soon as the casinos are open the hotel rooms in BHC will empty.

Desert Bat

the state of emergency are the badged criminals who hide behind bulletproof glass and corrupt courts to lie, cheat, steal, and murder their way through our lives, then thread their crimes into the nation's films and keep you titillated while they set out overseas to do the same thing on an even more brutal scale. But at least their victims overseas die with their names generally intact, unlike the domestic victims whose names are forever smeared with criminal allegations based upon lies, entrapments, and provocations to which even a corpse would respond if concerned about their legacy. This is no a matter of exotic semantics, although it may be avove the RV tv and meth crowds.


First they tell us to lockdown for months because of some over blown Flu virus, and now he's giving us a 8pm to 5 am curfew. What, are we 12yo now? Perhaps he and all state police agencies should be looking at themselves and how they train and discipline they're out of control officers!

So much for 'Freedom' and our supposed 'Free Country,' eh Comrade??

I'm going about my business, and don't give a damn if it's past 8pm!


Pretend your a hobo and the cops won't bother you.


the city of new york 9 million crazys running around torching police cars, burning whole blocks down. thats good. now the rich folks will come in and build 100 storie high rises an run the ghetto folks out back to the east river.


This whole thing has a Will Smith Men in Black vibe to it? How did that song go???


Has there been any protesting in Bullhead or Laughlin?

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