GOLDEN VALLEY — Pegasus Group Holdings broke ground Tuesday on its $3 billion renewable-energy data center in Golden Valley.

Pegasus Group Holdings, in partnership with Plus Minus power, has nicknamed the solar field “The Hive,” which will occupy 717 acres south of Kingman on Interstate 40.

Dan Briggs, president and CEO of Pegasus Group Holdings and Plus Minus Power, was the first to speak at the groundbreaking.

Briggs offered a couple of stats about The Hive, saying that about 700 acres have been cleared so far, there are about four miles of fence line completed, and more than 2,000 posts have been put in.

“The reason I bring that up is that this is not an independent effort by Plus Minus Power or Pegasus Group Holdings, this is a community effort and every person who has been on this project has seen what we can do,” said Briggs. “What we are trying to create is what is to become a backbone, renewable and scalable off-grid data storage.”

Briggs shared an example, saying that things like smartphones that have a GPS in them need a place to live. The information that is used isn’t being processed on the phone but rather is processed somewhere else. With more information, that process is getting bigger and bigger.

“It’s also only becoming a bigger burden on the grid,” said Briggs. “What we are doing is that we are taking going off-grid by becoming self-sustainable, which means that we’re no longer adding to the rolling blackout issues. We’re looking to take what we do here, grow it throughout this region, scale it as we continue to grow solar and tenants choosing to co-locate with us, and then take it global.”

Jay Bloom, chairman of the board for Pegasus Group Holdings, expressed his gratitude to everybody involved with the project.

“We are looking at having all 340 megawatts live and online with servers by the end of the year,” said Bloom. “When you talk about moving at the speed of business, we are setting land speed records in doing so. Having 340 megawatts represents 165 metric tons of carbon that are coming out of the air. We are going to be running 165,000 servers approximate. Those servers consume a lot of electricity. That electricity would otherwise be coming from coal, oil or natural gas, well now it’s coming from natural sunlight. It’s significant and it’s right here in the heart of Mohave County.”

Regina Cobb, Arizona state senator who represents District 5, said that she was thankful that Pegasus Groups Holdings and Plus Minus Power believed in Mohave County.

“We are a special place,” said Cobb. “We have great taxes, we have cheap land, we have people who want to work and develop in the area. We are the land of opportunity.”

Sen. Martha McSally wasn’t able to attend. Anne Marie Ward came on her behalf.

“On behalf of U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, congratulations on your new adventure. It takes a great deal of imagination, tenacity and courage to embark on such an endeavor,” Ward read from a prepared statement. “Companies like yours is the reason the economy is booming and it sets a precedent for other great companies to come and invest in Arizona. Part of the senator’s focus in Washington, D.C., is to ensure that Arizona is not only welcoming to new business but open to new development. We encourage you to think of Arizona as your new home and to continue to grow and build your project here in Mohave County. Your investment of $3 billion and the accompanying jobs will be an incredible surge to the local economy and the community. We look forward to watching The Hive come to fruition and commend you on your initiative and selection of Arizona.”

Mohave County Sup. Jean Bishop noted the scope of the Pegasus project.

“I understand that this project is the largest economic development project brought in to not only Mohave County but the state of Arizona,” said Bishop.

Bishop recalled that Bloom sent her an email that he was going to be in Las Vegas and wanted to talk to her about a new business venture in Mohave County. 

“The following day, this amazing journey began,” said Bishop. “We talked on the telephone shortly thereafter. We were sitting around a large executive conference table with Pegasis Group Holdings, Plus Minus Power and all the key Mohave County directors and the county manager. We figured out what each little piece needed to be done to make their venture successful and it was an amazing feat to be a part of.”

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, a world-renowned author, artist, producer and philanthropist, is the global ambassador for Pegasus Group Holdings.

“We are going to make a better planet just from what Mohave County has done by supporting the Pegasus Group Holdings,” said Ferguson. “It’s all about unity and, quite frankly, if we didn’t have Mohave County (and Sup.) Jean (Bishop) cracking the whip and the senators and everybody else then what are we all doing it for? It’s a blueprint today, it’s the state of Arizona opening up its entire place and saying that Mohave County is good.

“Because of The Hive. Because of what you’ve done. You are a blueprint for the rest of the world, that at last people are joining forces to make a difference so the rural areas of the world can have the right to power.”

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