FORT MOHAVE — Mohave County 4-H horse program is starting its 2020 season with a horse show at the Mojave Crossing Event Center on Feb. 22.

“It’s the first time that we are at the event center and everyone is excited,” said Christin Rockwood, Mohave County 4-H horse program director. “We have tried to have it there before but our schedule and the tribe’s (Fort Mojave Indian Tribe) schedule just didn’t match. This will be the first time that the kids are going to be able to use a professional size arena and they’re super excited.”

Rockwood said that the FMIT donated the use of the event center to the 4-H group.

“I reached out to the tribe about using the event center since they have had other kinds of events like these in there,” said Rockwood. “They ended up donating everything to us at no cost to our horse club. We are thankful that the tribe has given us this chance to use their event center and it’s not a surprise because they do a lot for kids.”

Rockwood said that the Mohave County 4-H program is based primarily in Kingman but the horse program is based in Fort Mohave.

 “Every year, the program puts on shows for kids in the horse program and teaches them the Western Discipline and English Discipline how to ride,” said Rockwood. “The horse program teaches them how to care for horses, how to purchase horses, how to look for healthy horses and more.”

At the first horse show of the year, Rockwood said that there will be a GymKhana such as barrel racing and pole bending.

“We have a point system and we do year-end awards for the riders,” said Rockwood.

The riders participate in three different classes: seniors, juniors and intermediate.

“They go into their division and compete with other kids in their division and from there we see who was the high point in that competition,” said Rockwood.

Those participating in the horse show are members of the Mohave County 4-H program and have submitted their entry form.

“To become a member of the horse program they have to go online ( and pick a project from the list and contact that leader,” said Rockwood. “The program is open for those ages 8 to 18.”

The horse show is free and open to the public to come to watch the riders perform in the GymKhana.

“We always like for kids to come and watch the show so they can see what the horse program is all about,” said Rockwood.

For more information about the Mohave County 4-H horse program contact Rockwood at 760-220-8751.

For more information about the Mohave County 4-H program offerings, contact the Kingman office at 928-753-3788.


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