Highway 95 project

BULLHEAD CITY — The Arizona Department of Transportation has announced plans to install a right-turn lane to the existing roadway in the southbound lane of Highway 95 at Marina Boulevard.

The intersection, in the center of Bullhead City, is the location of Gary Keith Civic Center Park. According to ADOT, construction is expected to begin this winter and will take about three months. ADOT, in a letter to businesses in the affected area, said that construction will occur “mainly” along the roadway shoulders. No daytime lane closures are planned; however reduced speeds within the construction zone will be enforced. Lane closures, the letter said, will be limited to nighttime hours.

Area residents and businesses are invited to review the proposed project and may voice specific concerns, suggestions or recommendations. Comments or concerns should be submitted by Aug. 3 to ADOT, c/o Ms Homaira Parveen, by mail at AZTEC, 4561 McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85008, by email to hparveen@aztec.us, by phone at 602-458-7481 or by fax at 602-454-0403.

Elements of the project include:

  • Construction of a right-turn lane in southbound State Route 95 at Marina Boulevard.
  • Relocation of one signal pole and adding signal heads to the pole on the southwest corner at the intersection.
  • Traffic signal improvements such as new wiring, upgrading and relocating control cabinets and replacing advanced detection cameras with radar.
  • Relocation of sidewalk along the turn lane and upgrading the intersection with Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant cross ramps and push buttons at all four corners.
  • Replacing an existing catch basin, pipe and rip-rap discharging to an existing retention basin on the northwest corner of the intersection within Gary Keith Civic Center Park.
  • Pavement work to move existing striping.
  • Staging and stockpiling within the project limits.
  • Seeding disturbed areas with plant species native to the project vicinity.
  • Installation of temporary embedded signposts for traffic control during the construction within the project zone.

According to ADOT, the project will occur within the existing ADOT right-of-way or easement adjacent to private, state trust and federal lands. No new right-of-way or easements are anticipated.

The intersection of Highway 95 and Marina Boulevard “serves many major metropolitan centers for Bullhead City,” the letter stated, noting its proximity to the city government complex on Marina Boulevard as well as the park.

“Sudden reduced speeds from vehicles turning right also creates a safety concern for the general travel lanes,” the letter said. “The purpose of this project is to construct a right-turn lane along southbound SR 95 to reduce traffic backups and improve the overall safety conditions of the traveling public.”

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Rather than the continued spending of money on turn lanes and more traffic lights that no one wants, how about more traffic enforcement from Bullhead PD along with other agencies. There seems to be a real lack of enforcement, not to mention when the weekends roll around any visible presence of law enforcement on the roadways in Bullhead City seems to disappear altogether. Outsiders that invade our area along with ignorant locals do as they please, drive like complete idiots and do so without fear because they know no one is going to stop them and tell them different. Money that ADOT and the city keeps spending could be used for other things. Stop being so afraid of hurting someone's feelings and enforce the laws.


I agree 100%, I barely see enforcement around in Bullhead City and due to the crazy driving, it's got to the point where people will get angry at you for going the speed limit or even 5 mph over and will aggressively cut you off as a way to punish you. I shouldn't have to go over 5mph the speed limit or someone will risk my life. With lack of law enforcement it only encourages people to become more aggressive. I see people slow walking in streets even at night time, as it becomes more and more populated in BHC, people are going to start dieing if there is not more enforcement. Even more dog bites from dogs being off the leash running the neighborhoods, I have someone in the neighborhood who lets the dogs run the neighborhood pissing and laying waste to other peoples yards and neighborhoods for almost 2 years now. I call it in, nothing is done. Why have laws if you won't enforce them? Doesn't that just waste every ones time and encourage all not to even care about your laws? There's money to be made here with all the tickets you can write and start cleaning the place up. Some of us are still law abiding citizens and it feels like getting the short end of the stick for not breaking the laws, or that safely driving can get you in an accident as much as driving unsafely because these people get angry at law abiding drivers. I support the police, I think they deserve respect, and I want more enforcement not less. Without enforcement a lot of these people become aggressive animals.

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