Banner retirement

Members of the Tri-State Military Moms and representatives of Bullhead City join honoreers and their family members during a military recognition banner retirement ceremony Tuesday in the Bullhead City Council chamber.

BULLHEAD CITY — In a semi-annual rite, the Tri-State Military Moms presided over a recognition banner retirement ceremony for nine area residents who have completed their military assignments.

The retirement ceremony was conducted at Tuesday’s meeting of the Bullhead City Council.

The Tri-State Military Moms put up banners on the light poles along Highway 95 in Bullhead City — a stretch dubbed “Heroes Highway” — to honor active-duty military members with local ties. Each year, around Memorial Day weekend and again around Veterans Day weekend, the Military Moms retire the banners of those who have left the service in the previous six months and also install banners of new members of the military or members the organization only recently has become aware of.

On Tuesday, banners of nine former military members were retired and given to the honored individual or a representative during the ceremony.

“We were the first city in Arizona to post military banners on the highway,” said Cindy Frizell, president of the Tri-State Military Moms. “This is the fifth year that the partnership between the Tri-State Military Moms, Inc., the City of Bullhead City and the Arizona Department of Transportation have displayed the banners of active-duty military on Highway 95, honoring those service members and their families from our Tri-state area.

“The presentation in May of 2014, the first in the state of Arizona, displayed 46 banners. To date, we have displayed over 200 banners with approximately 98 who have been retired from active-duty service.”

Banners retired on Tuesday: Nicholas Mattox, Larissa McCormick and Mike Van Deusen, U.S. Air Force; Austyn Fradette, U.S. Army; Jacob Steinfeld, U.S. Marine Corps; and Seth Harlan, Michael Iwanylo, Miguel Navarro and Caelum O’Brien, U.S. Navy.

New banners being installed this weekend: Brooklyn McCorkle and Michael Towns, U.S. Air Force; Ronald Burmeister, Paul Carranza, Wyatt Garber, Jacob Hardy and Razvan Neagoe, U.S. Army; Justin Vancil, U.S. Marine Corps; and Zoey Maxcy, Angela Morocco, Chandler Parker, Isaac Sagasta, Joshua Sutton, Jason Treat and Jayden Yeager, U.S. Navy.

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