KINGMAN — District 3 Sup. Buster Johnson said he thinks Mohave County should consider reforming its budgeting process to better manage resources and maximize efficiency.

Johnson is asking the board to support his push for each department to prepare budgets in two-year intervals. 

A memo from Johnson noted that staff spends an enormous amount of time in annual preparation of the county spending plan and it is his belief that it would be prudent for departments to build two-year budgets instead.

“I want to make clear that this in no way will stop public hearings or actual adoption of a budget each year,” Johnson’s memo stated. “If changes or adjustments are needed in certain departments in the following year, those departments can still go through finance and County Administration to make those changes. However, there are several departments that could come up with a budget proposal that is good for two years with just minor changes in year two.”

Johnson said he thinks manpower and tax-dollar savings would result from a two-year budget format. His proposal will be considered during the next regular meeting of the board on Tuesday.

Johnson also is asking the board to approved a resolution that would call upon the Arizona Legislature to return to Mohave County money raided from state sweeps of the Highway User Revenue Fund. Johnson contended the county is due about $7.3 million swept by the state from fiscal year 2009 to fiscal year 2019.

District 5 Sup. Ron Gould has expressed concern that some residents are paying county TV district tax without receiving television service. Gould proposes that staff investigate the matter and the contention of the Santa Fe Ranch subdivision property owners association that more than 2,700 households are taxed without service.

The Tuesday’s meeting — moved from Monday because of today’s Presidents’ Day holiday — will begin at 9:30 a.m. in the county administration building, 700 W. Beale St. in Kingman.

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