BULLHEAD CITY — Joshua Springs Senior Living has been confirmed as the location of an outbreak of at least 18 COVID-19 cases in Bullhead City.

“Joshua Springs Senior Living in Bullhead City has 13 positive cases of COVID-19 among our memory care residents and five positive associates as of Tuesday,” said a statement from Vicki Doyle, public relation manager for Watermark Retirement Communities of Tucson, owner of Joshua Springs. “All of our residents and associates are being continuously monitored for temperature and symptoms. Our protocols ensure that residents are self-isolating during recovery and associates with any symptoms are excluded from work and remain in recovery at home until they meet criteria to return to the community.”

The Mohave County Department of Public Health on Monday reported 14 new cases in Bullhead City and said that “some” of the cases were related to an unspecified long-term care facility. Two deaths in Bullhead City also were reported.

“Out of privacy and sensitivity to our residents and families, we will not be communicating the information on residents who have passed,” Doyle said. “This is a delicate topic and one we do not take lightly. Our thoughts and prayers are with friends, family and loved ones during this time of shared loss.”

She said the facility was “in the process of testing all memory care residents and our associates as well as continuing our stringent screening of all vendor, administrators and volunteers.

“Our comprehensive plan to safeguard residents and associates includes screening requirements, cleaning protocols, and monitoring procedures that follow current best practices drawn from federal and state authorities.”

Denise Burley, director of the county health department, said that as of Monday, at least 102 cases and 21 deaths (of the county’s totals of 324 cases and 35 deaths) were linked to long-term care facilities in Kingman, Bullhead City and Lake Havasu City. It is thought widely that the introduction of the virus in those facilities came through infected employees who likely were asymptomatic.

The county announced Tuesday night that there were four new confirmed cases and three additional deaths, pushing those totals to 328 and 38 respectively.

Two of the deaths reported Tuesday were of patients in the Kingman service area who previously had been reported as positive cases, one in the 50-59 age range and one in the 70-79 age range. The third death was in the Lake Havasu City service area, also in the 70-79 age range.

Three of the four new cases reported Tuesday are in the Bullhead City service area, one in the 80-89 age range who is hospitalized, one who is 19-29 and recovering at home, and one in the 30-39 age range who also is recovering at home. The elderly patient has been linked to a previous case; the investigation is continuing to track the source of the 19-29-year-old. The 30-39 is not linked to any previous cases, the health department said.

One new case was reported in Lake Havasu City, of a 60-69-year-old, recovering at home and linked to a previous case.

There have been 48 confirmed cases and three deaths in Bullhead City; 210 cases and 29 deaths in Kingman; 61 cases and seven deaths in Lake Havasu City; and nine cases in North County.

COVID-19 spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Symptoms are thought to appear within two to 14 days after exposure and consist of fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty breathing. For people with mild illness, individuals are asked to stay home, drink plenty of fluids and get rest. For people with more severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath, individuals are advised to seek healthcare, using telemedicine where available.

The county on Tuesday reported that 98 of the county’s cases are considered “recovered.” The county said that 4,629 tests have been administered; 109 test results are pending.

The county’s most recent testing blitz, May 16 in Lake Havasu City, uncovered three positive cases among 377 tests, one of a Lake Havasu City resident that is counted in the Mohave County totals and two of La Paz County residents that are included in that county’s 51 confirmed cases. There have been no deaths related to the coronavirus in La Paz County. Results of five tests from the Havasu blitz, performed by Sonora Quest Laboratories as part of Gov. Doug Ducey’s statewide testing initiative, still are pending.

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This is outrageous that senior assisted living homes are not being given 90% of the time effort and money and govt officials are more worried about some kids without masks going swimming? FORGET about everybody that is healthy and under 50 years old and send ALL the medical people to the "senior citizens homes and assisted living units and help SAVE those folks!


I agree with you. All the emphasis seems to be on the young people. Young people are important to a community. But they are not the majority.

Desert Bat

it would be a terrible thought that the virus was purposely unleashed with objectives that included reducing the elderly population for Social Security's solvency. And no conspiracy could be so dark as to use it for the removal of citizen rights, and to rain money on entities such as the National Endowment For The Arts, whose annual budget was $24.9 million until Trump forked over $500 million in a lump sum stimulus to them.


My mother was the first to pass at Joshua Springs on Sunday. Tested negative for COVID. I wasn’t allowed to see her for 2 1-2 months. Thursday demanded Watermark to allow me to physically see her through glass door. I was appalled!!! When she knew I was still near and hadn’t deserted her, her heart stopped.

We must investigate and stop this!


Our mother, had been living in this facility. Two weeks ago, we were barely notified that they had a breakout in memory care. Where she was residing. She tested positive. We have been begging to have a video chat or phone call with her, their response every time was ( We are busy). Today she has passed away. 😭😭😭😭 The facility did not call us her children, she passed around 5 pm, the hospice nurse called us @ 7:30 pm. This facility needs to be evaluated. The new director is very disrespectful. During the lock down they were still allowing tours and move ins. Please be aware.


Sweetmattie21... We need to connect. She’s not only disrespectful she’s plain evil and uncaring and has absolutely no integrity. My mom was the first to go at Joshua Springs. She tested negative for COVID. Her heart broke. Heart failure. I wasn’t allowed to contact her for 21/2 months. I saw her her last two days alive through a glass door after reaching out to Rick at Watermark. Let’s unite a make sure other’s loved ones are properly cared for. I wish for you peace❤️

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