KINGMAN — A Superior Court judge granted a furlough Wednesday for a Bullhead City man just two days before he will be sentenced to prison.

Bobby Lee Pup Deboard, 35, pleaded guilty in November to forgery in one 2019 case and criminal trespassing in a second 2019 case. He also admitted to have two felony convictions.

Deboard also admitted to violating his probation in a 2016 case by committing the forgery case. The probation violation hearing was handled by the state attorney general’s office.

Deboard’s attorney, Matthew Argyle, asked the judge for a 24-hour furlough so his client could visit his ailing father in the hospital. The defense attorney also said his client has the motivation to return to jail because he faces a prison range from 21⁄4 years to 101⁄4 years.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Jonathan Robinson argued against the furlough, saying that Deboard is being held without bond and that he committed the new crimes while he already was on probation.

Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle said he granted furlough to inmates in the past and they didn’t show up for sentencing. He granted furlough to a defendant facing only probation at their sentencing and they still failed to return to jail. That defendant was subsequently sentenced to prison.

However, Carlisle granted Deboard a 24-hour furlough but warned that if he fails to return to jail or fails to appear at his sentence on Friday, he would be charged with escape and failure to appear and face an additional 15 years in prison in addition to the maximum sentence.

Deboard’s wife and codefendant, Ginger Lynn Deboard, 32, pleaded guilty in August to fraud and also admitted to violating probation from a 2016 case. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

The couple reportedly altered checks stolen from mail box clusters in Bullhead City and Laughlin. The checks were deposited into at least three different bank accounts that were then closed when the money was drained.

In September 2018, a Bullhead City resident told police that suspects stole his mail, which contained a check. The check was altered and made payable to Ginger Deboard. A Laughlin man reported his mail was stolen in November 2018 and three of his checks were altered and deposited in Ginger Deboard’s bank account.

Surveillance video showed the couple entering the banks when transactions occurred on the accounts. Deboards’ fingerprints were lifted from the stolen checks and ID cards found in a warehouse they used in their operation.

The couple turned themselves into police in January. Police searched their home and found numerous stolen checks, counterfeit money and fake driver licenses with the couple’s pictures.

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I hope this guy doesn't pull a Chase Salverson who was allowed a furlough to say bye to mom and ended up absconding and pulled a Houdini for from what I can recall was about 8 months before he was arrested again. What did that fiasco cost the taxpayers?

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