Wendell Odom

KINGMAN — A Modesto, California, man who opened fire on a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy in Dolan Springs earlier this year entered a plea agreement Wednesday in Kingman.

Wendell Odom, 37, will be sentenced to 151⁄2 years in prison if the deal is accepted.

Judge Billy Sipe deferred possible approval of the plea proposal, expressing concern that it might be “too lenient.” Sipe told the defendant he’ll make his decision at an Oct. 10 hearing after he reads a pre-sentence report that will tell him more about the crime spree in question and Odom’s criminal history, including his parole status in California.

Terms of the deal dismiss 16 charges, including multiple kidnapping and aggravated assault counts, while convicting Odom of theft of a firearm and three aggravated assault charges.

Deputy County Attorney Rod Albright said that Odom and his wife had been living at a home in Dolan Springs when he stole a firearm when they left the residence in late March.

Albright said authorities were looking for Odom in connection with the stolen weapon incident when they found him at a Dolan Springs apartment on April 3. The prosecutor said a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy who was standing on a balcony outside the unit was unharmed when Odom fired two or three shots through the door at him.

Odom made a safe getaway as the deputy retreated and called for backup.

Odom also pleaded guilty to separate aggravated assault charges involving his wife. Albright said she was cut with a knife on one occasion and struck in the head with the butt of a pistol on another.

Odom told the court that he takes prescription medications for “schizo-effective explosiveness and bipolar disorder,” but said that he was thinking clearly and understood all the components of the change of plea hearing.

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