Alexander Muchow

Alexander Muchow

KINGMAN — A veteran Mohave County firefighter was arrested Thursday after Homeland Security agents made a controlled delivery of 25 pounds of dimethyltryptamine, a club drug commonly known as DMT, to his home in Kingman.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Detective Aaron Devries testified Friday that Alexander Muchow, 29, was detained as he tried to flee out the back of his residence on Walleck Ranch Road.

A probable cause statement filed in Kingman Justice Court said the drugs were purchased from the Netherlands via the internet and that the address delivery slip bore Muchow’s name. The statement said a search warrant was obtained for the home after officers detected a drug lab operation in progress.

The statement said more than six pounds of DMT was found in the home and that field tests conducted by federal agents indicated the product contained a high dosage of LSD. LSD tablets and an undisclosed amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms also were confiscated, according to prosecutor Reed Weisberg.

Addressing Justice of the Peace John Taylor during an initial hearing Friday, Weisberg said officers made a rare find in the back yard of the property. He said the discovery included more than 100 cacti in different stages of growth. 

Devries testified that the plants are San Pedro cacti, the type used to produce peyote and mescalin. He said several cacti had been cut and were in different stages of processing and drying.

“We don’t see this very often, ever,” Weisberg told the court. He said the case remains under investigation but indicated there’s suspicion the drug production operation involved distribution far beyond the local community.

Devries said the street value of all of the drugs seized is $3.5 million.

Taylor ordered that Muchow be held on a secured bond of $100,000.

Muchow is a firefighter and paramedic who has 10 years of service with the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District. Muchow has been placed on administrative leave, pending the ongoing investigation.

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I find it disappointing they included the face of this veteran firefighter, who is still under investigation as to whether or not he’s guilty of possessing substances that are currently in the first steps of being decriminalized across the US and now other countries. Also, this report is riddled with innacuracies. They confiscated 40 pounds of rootbark from his occupancy that is sometimes used to extract dmt naturally from. He never would have been able to produce 25 pounds of raw dmt from it, that is physically impossible. As for the San Pedro and peyote cacti, it is immensely rare for someone to actually use these plants to extract mescaline, the stages of “cutting and drying for processing” were probably just lengths of cacti cut to be propagated, that’s how you grow more of them quickly. People enjoy these cacti because of the historical connection they have as well as the genuine beauty the cacti and their flowers possess. This is just another example of law enforcement and media trying to make a man who was genuinely concerned with helping people and happened to have an interest in some sacred cacti look like a criminal. Even if he was in possession of psychedelics, I say it’s 2019 and it’s time to stop putting folks in prison for possessing them, especially time to stop writing articles that contain small bits of biased and distorted facts about the situation the make psychedelics seem like a menacing thing. One thing is for sure, he wouldn’t have made the estimated millions off of the that the police claim, because a veteran firefighter who loves cacti and believes in helping people through plant medicine is not in all likelihood not trying to become some psychedelic kingpin and get rich. Sounds like a guy who genuinely wanted to do some good. I live here in the US and in my community people are already beginning to call in larger and larger numbers for the deceiminalization of psychedelics. In the meantime, it would be nice if the folks caught in the crosshairs of the absurd and failed war on drugs weren’t painted to be wild drug dealers by police and media. Notice there were no guns found??? What kind of drug dealer doesn’t have a gun?? One that doesn’t sell drugs that what kind 😂.


Also I have never in my whole im entire life heard someone describe using dmt as a club drug. Completely ridiculous to call it such. Most people use it in highly controlled settings such as home or peaceful setting such as nature, and do so with incredibly close friends because it’s treated as closer to a religious sacrament by most circles that actively and respectfully use it. Just completely bonkers to me the lengths gone to to make psychedelics seem scarier than they are. But sure, let’s arrest firemen for cacti and rootbark while every year we vote actual criminals into office. #cognitivedissonance


Incredibly ignorant display of “journalism.” Since when is possessing tree bark a crime? Also, even if one was in possession of DMT, DMT it is NOT a club drug. It is a natural compound found everywhere in nature (including the human brain). Maybe try meditation daily and find out for yourself. This article is incredibly misrepresenting, ignorant, and Shameful. It is astounding to me with all the information available today at our fingertips, headlines like this even exist. Disgusting. Please anyone reading this with half a brain go to to support this young man and these bogus charges.

Harm Reduction Gang

I find this article immensely offensive to my culture, to my identity, and to Truth. The inaccurate and lazy reporting of this article causes great concern to me, to claim one can extract Peyote (a sacred medicine that is held in great respects in my ancestral and modern community) from San Pedro, is ridiculous and insulting to my culture. I am from Mexican roots, and to see how something so valuable to my culture is misrepresented is a shame. Also, to state the DMT is a club drug, proves whoever wrote this is either deliberately misleading or did not do any research, which is the most offensive thing in journalism. I suggest the media and law enforcement behind this case do their research, and understand that these "drugs" are medicines and sacraments, not illicit street drugs.

Harm Reduction Gang

From Harm Reduction Gang and the loving psychedelic community, we demand justice. We demand honest journalism and fair trial. We demand unbiased and factual representation.


if this happened in Chicago they would laugh at that

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