Jeremiah Peacey

KINGMAN — A four-year prison term was imposed Thursday for a Kingman man who found a suitcase full of cash at the local Walmart in 2018.

Jeremiah Peacey, 40, was sentenced after previously pleading guilty to theft.

Defense attorney Matthew Argyle said Peacey never set out to steal but conceded that his client did grab the unattended suitcase and took it home. Argyle said Peacey later learned that the suitcase that was accidentally left behind contained almost $170,000 in cash.

“When I found the bag I didn’t even know what was in it,” Peacey told Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle. He said a lot of people dream of an unexpected payday, but that his discovery and temporary enrichment proved to be a nightmare.

“I have to say it was the worst day of my life,” Peacey said. 

Argyle said Peacey weathered some stress with worry that he might have intercepted drug money or cash belonging to criminals who might harm him.

Deputy Mohave County attorney Bob Moon said many in the community questioned the Peacey prosecution.

“It’s an unusual case and it has this ‘finders-keepers’ element,” Moon said.

Moon said Peacey should have admitted his involvement and returned the cash when police paid him multiple investigative visits after identifying him as a suspect from Walmart video surveillance. Moon said he believes Peacey has some of the cash stashed somewhere.

“There’s more money hidden out there. There has to be,” Moon said.

Cash and other assets seized in the investigation are valued at $88,340. Peacey has been ordered to pay another $80,035 in restitution.

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Can i ask whos money it was? Can i ask who is getting the restitution?how did that money get left in walmart?


To the above poster, i was in the jail with this guy for 3 weeks back in December 2018 he told me the story, apparently a woman who doesnt trust banks had it. she had recently sold her home and had what id imagine most of it in the suitcase. now idk why she left the suitcase their, or if she was just inside the store for a second, either way if i had $170,000 dollars in cash that suitcase would be glued to my hands


Wow so uncool this happened. House arrest or probation but 4 yrs seems a lil much. I'm sure he'll grab his stash when he's realeasd. Just think of ur cash spots maybe that'll help in the time a lil.


Since he found it at her how much she should have turned it into them or the police right away. Then if it wasn't claimed after 90 days or something he probably could have kept it

Who owns the money? Why isn't it made public?


Clearly he would of walked if he just turned over the money. What a idiot

Desert Bat

Lesson to everyone - if you find and take something, the owner can claim anything as to what was stolen. I've seen no proof of the amount of money in that bag. This guy may be saddled with paying back money that was never there.


I mean come on , he found it not like he ran up and yanked it from her. So basically if there was no Walmart camera he'd be sitting pretty . Now if it came out of a bank atm or any atm that's different cuz ur right there how in the hell was he to give it to, what the cops please, finders keepers losers sweepers ! Ya would suck if it were mine hoping I'd get it back but I sure in hell wouldn't leave my site id glue that shit to me . Well he's paying for it now. Is what it is I guess

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