KINGMAN — A controversial resolution that would have imposed restrictions for circuses and other shows featuring potentially dangerous exotic wild animals such as bears and elephants was not heard during Tuesday’s Kingman City Council meeting.

Mayor Jen Miles withdrew the measure, saying council members endured a backlash from passionate factions — defenders of such performances on one end of the spectrum and animal rights activists on the other.

“The Mohave County Fairgrounds was quite effective in churning public anger with allegations designed to create mistrust of the city and of me in particular as mayor, in the actions I’m taking,” Miles said. “And the animal welfare advocates, many located outside of Kingman, weighed in to expand the agenda and seek additional welfare actions. The extremes expressed are passionate.”

Miles said she thought the measure would promote public safety and that she would not put her peers in the position of voting it down.

“I’m not going to ask any members of this council to vote on a resolution in which a no vote does not support public safety,” she said. “I’m going to withdraw the resolution that I have prepared.”

Miles said she and City Manager Ron Foggin have arranged a targeted, administrative approach allowing city officials to keep animal welfare in mind when scrutinizing the histories of operators wanting to bring their shows to Kingman.

“Manager Foggin has agreed to look at these types of events with his team to determine the appropriate amount of liability insurance along with other documentation regarding the well being of the animals, and safety of our citizens will be institutionalized in our special event permitting process,” Miles said.

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