KINGMAN — The co-defendant of a Kingman murder suspect pleaded guilty Friday to charges in connection with the disappearance of a Kingman Realtor more than two yeas ago. 

William Glen Sanders, 55, pleaded guilty to concealing a dead body. He also had been charged with tampering with physical evidence, a charge that was dismissed.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Bob Moon asked the judge to delay Sanders’ sentencing until after his co-defendant’s May trial. Alfredo Gerardo Blanco is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Sidney Cranston Jr. Under the plea agreement, Sanders will be sentenced to supervised probation. Superior Court Judge Rick Lambert will sentence Sanders on Aug. 31. If Blanco’s trial is not postponed, Sanders’ sentencing could be expedited.

Moon also said Sanders agreed to a testimony agreement in which he will testify at Blanco’s trial. If Sanders doesn’t testify, or if he testifies untruthfully, Moon said he will withdraw the plea agreement.

Moon said Sanders helped bury Cranston’s body in a hole dug by Blanco using a backhoe on Wilson Ranch Road in a remote property east of Kingman. Sanders reportedly offered to help in the year-and-a-half search for Cranston’s body, knowing where the body was buried.

Cranston’s remains were discovered Jan. 7, 2017, buried on the remote property. Cranston, 40, was killed by a single gunshot and his death was ruled a homicide. He was reportedly killed about the time he went missing around June 2015, when he was showing property to an unknown client. Sanders and Blanco reportedly worked for Cranston as handymen on Cranston’s properties. Blanco reportedly managed rental properties for Cranston.

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