Jim Barone

Kingman musician Jim Barone, performing with the Olde School Band, has written and recorded “God, Trump and Country,” a song he hopes will entice President Donald Trump to pay a visit to Mohave County.

KINGMAN — Kingman songwriter and musician Jim Barone is trying to lure President Donald Trump to come to Mohave County — by song.

Barone penned and then recorded a track called “God, Trump and Country,” with his fellow bandmates of The Olde School Band. The song was uploaded to YouTube and has gotten more than 1,000 views since its posting last week. 

Barone noted that Mohave County was a stronghold for Trump support in 2016 and remains so today. He is trying to get Trump to visit Mohave County with the track’s growing popularity. So far, he has succeeded in getting a lot of popularity for himself and other members of the band, up to and including being asked to run for mayor of Kingman. 

Barone, a Republican, has been travelling to local party offices trying to get more attention and word out on the song, which starts with the line ”He is a warrior for the right, fighting deep state day and night.”

Barone plays guitar in the video with Frank Amico on bass, Jerry Bower on drums, Terry Chaffin on keyboard and relatives Michael and Kimberley Chaffin, who travelled from Tucson to be part of the recording. All five can be seen in the video wearing Trump 2020 apparel and dancing to the country ballad song which references “Stars and Stripes” and “Red, White and Blue” throughout.

Barone said he has been playing Christian music in churches for the past 25 years and once worked for pop star Katy Perry’s father, adding that he had the singer in his church sessions in the past. 

“I showed her a few things on guitar,” he said.

Barone said he already has written three songs for Trump, adding, “I’m very fed up with the way things are going. I’m very conservative. I don’t like the direction the country has going in.” 

Barone said his political awakening is recent and that it was triggered by Trump. 

Born and raised in the Las Vegas area, Barone has been a lifelong music lover and toured nationally back in the 1970s and ’80s. In 1989, he moved to Lake Havasu City to be closer to his aging parents. He delved deeper into gospel music and started to perform as a one-man band, playing keyboard and guitar with bass pedal and electric drums. 

On his song support of Trump, he said, “We have two more songs coming soon. We just have to record them, but everyone can listen to ‘God, Trump and Country’ right now on YouTube.”

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Michael 777

The cult of Trump never ceases to amaze me. Unbelievable that a fast talking NYC con man can fool so many people. "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they themselves have been fooled".......Mark Twain.


Right! Unbelievable that people are so gullible and easily manipulated. Keep telling lies and some people believe this fool.


A strong hold in his own mind.

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