Kingman Confederate flag

Business owner Jack Alexander, of Thunder-Rode, displays a poster board denoting the history of the Confederate flag outside his apparel store in downtown Kingman.

KINGMAN — Kimgman Mayor Jen Miles is calling for civility, respect and tolerance as area residents debate everything from COVID-19 restrictions to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Miles said she was thankful that recent BLM demonstrations at Locomotive Park downtown were mostly peaceful and without injury.

And she hopes it remains that way.

Miles told fellow council members last week that she and City Manager Ron Foggin have been bombarded with emails regarding display and sale of the Confederate flag at the Thunder-Rode apparel business adjacent to the park. Owner Jack Alexander has a poster board on his property that denotes the history of the “Battle Flag.”

Confederate flags and other monuments and symbols of the Civil War have been under scrutiny during racial activism across the nation. Many have called for their removal from state capitol grounds, courthouses and other public property.

Miles said Kingman resident Dominic Tapia has encouraged like-minded fellow residents to send emails to city officials urging them to allow a BLM symbol to be displayed in the park, to counterbalance the Confederate flag’s presence at Thunder-Rode.

Alexander has countered with his own letter to city officials contending he has rights as an American, a business owner and a taxpayer to fly, display and sell the flags.

Miles said she and Foggin have decided that the city should respect everyone’s constitutional rights. She said it would be inflammatory for the city to take one side or another.

“It’s time to de-escalate. It is not a position for this city to try to take sides at this point,” Miles said. “Our position is that as a city we are going to uphold the oaths that we took to allow people to exercise their rights but maintain decorum and civility the best that we can.”

A Public Works employee with the City of Kingman spent part of Wednesday afternoon cleaning up racist graffiti sprayed at separate locations in an alley downtown. The messages spray painted onto the pavement used the “N-word” to communicate that African Americans are not welcome in Kingman.

The graffiti was mitigated within 90 minutes of the slurs being reported to city officials.

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Desert Bat

My understanding of American law is that to ban the Confederate flag, legislation must be drafted and go through the approval process in Congress, then signed by the President of the United States, following which 180 days later, the legislation would become law and the Confederate flag would be legally banned. What am I missing?

Ol Dixie

The black lives matter wants to erase our history when this is history like all history good and bad.What next Muslims going to ban our Bible? Pushing riots and destructive behavior is caving in our right for heritage and past events we can't change.What would be said if I pulled down Martin Luthers statue? Get busy living or get busy dying. Hopefully we all can move on and let our history just be history 🙏.


Yeah, but the difference is, Martin Luther King Jr. Preached peace and non-violence he deserves a statue and a day. The Confederate flag in the eyes of black Americans is RACIST, it shows PREJUDICE, it it shows SLAVERY and is a stark reminder of very evil white men and women who rape and kill primarily black people. And it doesn't help that a lot of Caucasian people associate that flag with hate and racism and neanderthal thinking. I have to get up and see that flag hanging out of the window of a store and I instantly pair that store with hate and racism. This flag has very very bad history for Black people. For Asian people, for Hispanic people, for anyone who isn't white. It's a flag that will cause division. By putting heritage not hate on a sign you're trying to make the fire less hot, it's still fire. You're trying to make the cyanide a little less potent, it's still poison! When you post that flag up on businesses and at NASCAR events and at stadiums big for everyone to see all it says racism, hatred, white power ,white pride, If you are not white you are not welcome, whites only! The flag is history no doubt but it should be treated as the Germans treat the Nazi flag. This flag is our history but it has no place to be raised up anymore.

Mr. Know it most

Are you seriously equating your "right for heritage", whatever that means, to the mistreatment of millions of black people for the last 400 years? If your family were made slaves, then as free people still treated as sub-humans, would you really be ok with your captors and suppressors be whining about their heritage? And wtf is "our bible". I don't have or follow any bible. Religion is mental disease. It allows you refuge as you spew hate. Disgusting.


Nobody said anything about erasing history but let's face it. The Confederates were traitors. This romantic image of a war that was fought for Southern rights is a fanciful myth. The rebels wanted to preserve slavery. The Northern abolitionists did not.

Even after the rebels lost the war, they refused to acknowledge the rights of Black people. Radical Southerners formed the KKK to terrorize the Blacks and to lynch any who were deemed to be "uppity." In later years the Jim Crow laws were just another way to keep minorities "in their place.* I am just barely old enough to remember that when the first McDonald's opened in Atlanta, Georgia, my family wasn't allowed to sit in the dining area to eat because seating was for whites only. My father was a doctor and a serving officer in the U.S. military. He was in his Class A unit but because of the color of our skin, we were not allowed to eat with the white folk.

I was 16 when a group of white classmates caught me in the stairwell and beat me unconscious. The principal told my father that, " Boys will be boys. "

I've been called names. I've been denied service. I've had my home vandalized with the garage door painted over in red letters telling me to go back where I came from. I've had job applications torn up because the HR secretary had told me that "my kind" wasn't wanted.

Enough is enough. The BLM movement is picking up where Dr. Martin Luther King left off in '64 following passage of the Civil Rights Act. It's time for real equality in this country.

As the character Howard Beale shouted in the movie, Network, "I'm mad as H---- and I'm not going to take it anymore"

Ol Dixie

I want to commend Jack for standing up to heritage not hate. All the craziness going on with statues,rice,syrup and now escimo ice cream are pressured to change there product name to make who happy? Blacks want to be called African Americans? Do I have to address people as Mexican American or Chinese Americans or Italian Americans? We as people living in the United States all have history created before we were born. Not all history is good but that's why it's called history. BLM are only focusing on issues that get a buzz to have an excuse to go beyond protesting and execute burning and stealing of American businesses. How about fixing the black on black killing everyday? Why not stop HBO and comedy clubs from the comedians racially joking about nigga this and that...not offending? Nevertheless this will pass as always but let's enjoy heritage and history in a civil manner. And BTW I have the stars and bars tattooed on one arm and the American flag on the other because I am a veteran and served this country.What will people want next...cut off my arms? Be good or be good at it. God bless America.

Ol Dixie

Sorry about the typo..(Eskimo)


That "battle flag" is the battle flag of confederate Virginia. If its about heritage why don't they use the ACTUAL confederate flag? Racism is wrong and trying to disguise it as heritage is dishonest and offensive. All it takes for evil to take hold is for good men to remain silent.

Michael 777

The Confederacy committed treason against the US. Nevertheless the man has a right to display it.

Ol Dixie

Kappernick also destroyed the NFL and now one lone Nascar driver is disrespecting our American pastime. I'm running out of things to watch on Sundays. Maybe re-runs of Archie Bunker and Redd Fox?


[beam][beam][beam] I totally agree. I couldn't believe it when Al Sharpton demanded the NFL rehire and start Suckadick. BLM and black players finally got Goodell to conceed to agree. Why are so many caving to this pressure??? It is beyond me. I just don't understand it.

I was floored about NASCAR agreeing to ban the Confederate flag from fans' vechicles just because one guy had all of a sudden decided it was an issue. Watson was never on record before about him being uncomfortable with it. I think someone from BLM got to him to press the issue at this particular point in time. White mostly Southern fans have been the main support of NASCAR for decades. Now, NASCAR is going to bite the hand that feeds it? Again, I just don't understand it.

When will businesses realize that the majority of US population is still the 64% White majority? Should businesses be ditecting marketing toward that group? ?


Can we be real here my fellow Americans. The Tennessee battle flag denotes one thing and one thing only. Succession from the Union. There is nothing good about that flag! Why would anyone want glorifying something like that?


It also conveys a lot of pride for families who had people from past generations fight for or support the Confederacy. There are still numerous of these families that exist today. They are truly American families, whose ancestors simply fought on an opposing side during the US Civil War. Let's face it, if the South had won, maybe Old Glory wouldn't be a welcome sight today. We should understand that many of our neighbors ancestors had a deep connection to both the Union and Confederacy, depending on what year it was. We just can't diminish one family's pride in order to make another family feel better about themselves.


One huge difference that I see is that the owner of Thunder Rode has his display on private property, whereas those petitioning the City of Kingman to allow a BLM display in the park are asking to use municipal property. For those who wish the BLM sign, I would suggest that they purchase a piece of property of their own.


I am a racist but not torwards black people.

Dale Bunch

This person needs to find a different location hang out. We are in concept United States of America. Choose not to agree MOVE the farthest away possible.


As a black man and I'm pretty sure I speak for the entire black race. When I see the Confederate flag hanging up in front of a store or anywhere for that matter what do I see? Whites Only, You must be white to enter, racism, they probably hate me, they're probably very violent, they have an old, violent way of thinking. And what's worse proclaiming to love God yet doing the exact opposite of a loving God.


That is just a simple and ignorant racist way of viewing things. With that sort of attitude, then there is no future, neither for the individual or for a race of people. It always amazes me how one person seems to think that they speak for an entire race of people. Do you in fact know each and every one of those in your race personally? From your comment, it would be my guess that you have actually gone around the planet and personally spoken to each and every person of your race? You've actually documented each and every person of your races comments and have proof of it? Think about your comments, not only are they ridiculous, they in themselves are in fact, racist.

Mr. Know it most

Oh, you nailed it bro. There are a lot of black people that not only love the confederate flag, they proudly display them. And, yes, I polled every black person on earth, alive and dead.


When I 👀 BLM all I see is Black's only so what's the difference .


The only true Confederate flag is the white surrender flag.

Quite contrary

This flag was rejected as the Confederate flag. It became the flag of Robert E Lee's northern army. We all make decisions and choices in our lives that show who we are as individuals. So, what does this show about this store... It chooses to alienate at least half the population of the USA, but almost none of Kingman.


It's a disgrace to the 360,000 soldiers who died preserving the United States of America. He certainly has a right to display it, but that trash doesn't belong on state capital grounds, county grounds, etc.


You can't erase history by banning a flag or taking down statues. Bad history is remembered, like Hitler and his gang of degenerates and as far as I know there are no statues of them and you don't see Nazi flags either. Also, please don't compare the Bible or Martin Luther King to Confederate flags or any war that was lost. God has already won and I promise you He is not smiling on Confederate flags. Yes I believe for some it's heritage not hate or just rebelling from their own country, but the amount of racists that fly that flag high, even in other countries where racist symbolism like the nazi symbol is banned is overwhelming. Plus Robert E. Lee retreated, was defeated, and surrendered. Let's also not forget he was a horrible person.


You are aware that he inherited his father in law's slaves and per his request began freeing them in 1862 one year before the emancipation proclamation. After he surrendered he his instrumental in protecting slaves from lynchings in the south and encouraged Virginians to cooperate in the capture of John Wilkes Booth. He was not an abolitionist at the start of the war and neither was Lincoln. George Washington on the other hand, who was a relative of Lee's wife, moved his slaves between Philadelphia and Virginia so they would become free men in the North. As for the beloved MLK his day of reckoning is coming in 2022 when the FBI tapes become public knowledge and his degenrate sex acts are exposed. Before you call me racist I am mzrried to a beautiful african American woman and i come from an immigrant family from Sicily. I just happen to know my history.

Desert Bat

Oh boy, introduce the FBI & Sex, you've got their talents down to a tee. Behind that, they have launched criminal wars killing millions, stolen trillions for the purpose (even withdrew America from the gold standard), and spent & made billions on their films. Believe it, this is from within the loop. I'm white and MLK's private behaviour isn't my cup of tea, but he didn't take the Government's money to shut up about the disproportionate number of blacks fed through the draft into that Vietnam war which was based upon murder and lies - so they killed him. Same with Huey Newton. One of their fellow black leaders took the money and has been living happily ever after, in a former Confederate state, as a matter of fact. How do you like the loop?


I happen known history too and you might want to re read yours and how he treated his slaves and he was very hesitant to free them. Please read up on it. He inherited then treated them HORRIBLY.


Today the flag is more a symbol of enjoying life: fishing, beer, driving a pickup truck, owning a gun and not being ashamed of enjoying life. And won't cry if you have a lit cigarette less than 20 feet away.


I am for the rebel flag being banned and I'm white. The reason is even if not meant to be used for this flag is assotiated with hate and prejudices. I believe that we as Americans should have only 2 flags Old Glory and our state flag as why do we need more. But I also believe the statues need to stay as they do teach history Good or bad and I believe if you try to erase that you are doomed to repeat it. You can Go to Germany and the concentration camps still stand why not to keep that hate going but for people to remember what that hate caused so they never repeat it again. But also this world needs to realize that this racism is not all one sided for many it being taught on both sides and until it stops on both sides it will never go away. God made me white and as far as I know he does not make mistakes so I will never appoligize for being white but I will also never down or treat another race inferior to me as we all bleed red we all have a soul and we will all die one day and I also believe that is this would perfect no is it better than 50 60 70 80 and 100 years ago yes it is and believe that everyone that works hard stays off of drugs has just as much opportunity as anyone else. I don't care if your white Black brown Asian if you act like a thug don't be surprised when the world treats you like one. All lives matter it all depends on how you lead your life and how hard you are willing to work for what you want as to what you will get out of it.

Mark Coffey

My previous generations fought on the side of the South. They did not have slaves. This was a war of aggression and follow the money, that is always the reason. My people would not own slaves, they worked as free men for my grandfathers. We were brought here as indentured Irish by the English in 1690 . And lets be clear on this as well, Lyndon Johnson got the civil rights act done with republicans! Democrats would not support it! My family has always remained republican and loyal to the party of Lincoln! Fly them Stars and Bars it should not be erased like the white liberals want and the media full of entitled short sighted liars want to do .


Wow. I see a variety of opinions here. And, I didn't know there was a celebrity in the room. "We the Police" -- I didn't realize you knew absolutely every single black person in this country. You have to if in fact you are speaking for them, as you say. So, how's Oprah? Not so good after what she said this weekend.

I'm of the position that the flag seller on private property can sell whatever he wants. If you think it's racist or obscene, don't purchase it. I agree with O'Dixie. The US Government has to pass a law in Congress after debate to ban said product. If the President doesn't veto it, then the product is banned/illegal. Just because some people find some things racist doesn't mean it will automatically be illegal. For every 1 that thinks it's racist there are usually 2 who don't. 8Why, because blacks are only 13% of the country's population while whites are 64% of population. Statistically speaking, my statement is well within the odds for percentage probability and likelihood of agreement of opinion.

The positioning of any new public statues should be tabled at this time because of the current climate and events concerning them. Yesterday we lost statues of Confederate General Pike, President Grant, Francis Scot Key. I've also read about statues of President Washington, President Lincoln, Columbus, Don Juan de Oñate, a slave acution block, Philadelphia mayor Frank Rizzo, Dearborn Michigan mayor Orville Hubbard and various other Confederate officers. It's not just Confederates but a Union officer & President and an assortment of historical figures, some controversial most not. It has expanded beyond BLM to include ANTIFA , Boogaloos and s variety of the inane population stupid enough to get embroiled in this mess.

Historical statues are part of history. History is neither positive nor negative; it's neutral. Some hate one side while some hate the other side. It doesn't matter if you hate either side. History is here to teach us; to remind us of past wins, but more importantly to help us understand errors from our mistakes so we don't repeat them. Statues are erected by past societies. Those societies did so for a reason. Our reason for viewing them is understanding the meaning of our part in history & any errors we may have made.

Tearing down historical statues robs our population the opportunity from learning from our pasts. Again, that is why they are put there. Angry groups cannot run out and simply tear statues down on whims. There is a Congressional process that has to be followed for proper removal. That's for Congressional debate, not rouge groups. Still, I think they must retain all historical statues, plaques and monuments. There value as reminders of our pasts, good or bad, far outweigh any personal feelings any grops may have, especially minority groups that only comprise 13% of the country's population.

Ol Dixie

Beware of the satanic folks moving in to cause fear and don't forget the boogaloos moving on up. Reap and read. Just saying.


Thanx. I was just lumping the Boogaloos in with other terrorist organizations as well as making people aware of their existence. The boogaloos are not mentioned in the media as much as BLM & ANTIFA. If the civil unrests gets worse, I want everyone in area to know the ones in Hawaiian shirts will be coming.

T AuYoung

By removing history from everything aren't we creating more racism. History is part of all of us it how we learn from it that makes us strong.

Xtopher Alan Foster

I'll do my level best to attempt this one more time : the confederate flag is a FOREIGN FLAG Empirically Speaking by virtue of it representing a rebellion via an illegal attempt at succession from a sovereign nation which is tantamount to TREASON against the United STATES which means any & all things representative of this armed insurrection once resolved is not recognized by the United States Government just as the Union Jack is not recognized from 1776 to this day ~ It is not HERITAGE it's HISTORY & as such should never be forgotten for fear it be repeated {historically proven time & time ~ ~ ~} just as Confederate Money & Constitution are no longer legal so should the flag flown to represent them ~ MUSEUMS are places most proper for such important artifacts NOT PUBLIC SPACES & certainly not GOVERNMENT PLACES ~ LOCAL, STATE, OR FEDERAL ~

ohhhh & pms :

how could any war EVER BE CIVIL ¿ it was "the war between the states" & it wasn't over any infringement upon STATES RIGHTS except one ~ provable by the main difference between the u.s and confederate constitutions : the latter allowed for unlimited & checked SLAVERY IN PERPETUITY ! there's your "war over states rights" argument in a nutshell !


Just because the flag is treasonous doesn't mean that guy can't sell it on his private land or that people can't fly it on their private property. Students still hang Union Jacks in their dorm rooms to this day. It's personal preference. Between the two examples I've mentioned, the dorm user is more in violation since he/she is hanging the flag on school property vs the owner's private property.

As for the term "civil war", it has nothing to do with civil meaning peaceful or quiet. It refers to an older definition of civil, by civilians. Hence, it is a war between civilians of the same land.


To WePolicethePolice:

You do realize that Martin Luther King Jr has a Federal holiday already which is celebrated in January? My concern is who has the final say as to what items can be destroyed, I.e. statues, memorials, etc. I fully support the Black Lives Matter movement. However, ALL LIVES are important. The lives of police officers who make a routine traffic stop and are shot in the line of duty also matter. To change are history by destroying statues and memorials will not change what occurred. We need to teach our history, the good with the bad, providing context at to how and why these things happened. Educating and opening a dialogue is what is needed to ensure we do not repeat the atrocities from our past. What is next? Banning books, music, movies? By wrong that we are no better than our ancestors.


By your support of what you do, especially the police, the BLM would NOT accept your help.

Quite contrary

Please do not compare Lincoln's progressive Republican party with the current conservative Republican party.

Clarissa Clearwater

I'm here to inform the south, YOU LOST! Now quit reminding everyone you did...and all those statues? Those were generals WHO LOST THE CIVIL WAR. They were inept. They took up arms against this very great nation of ours to kill their very own brothers so that they could continue human trafficking. Why doesn't the North who won parade the winners statues throughout the land? Because morality has it's own rewards. False pride from traitorous losers planted throughout the south is humiliating. Seriously? Do the losers of the superbowl run around saying "we lost the superbowl." It is illegal in Germany to have Hitler statues or fly swastikas. But in our great nation we have clowns and fools who idolize fascists like hitler and traitors like all of the confederates.


I have visited Germany over 17 times in 20 years. I have also been to Austria the same number of times. Austria was also involved closely with Germany in WW2. I saw


Oops. Got cut off. I saw many war memorials in both countries. Both countries had monuments to their fallen scattered throughout each country. In Berin, on the site of Gestapo headquarters, I took a self-paced tour and saw the once hidden subbasement torture rooms. Yes, these were still standing. You are correct. There is no written mention of Hitler, his writings, his war crimes or the swastika. Everyday citizens will speak with you about the war if you speak German and approach the subject cautiously. I spoke to several older Germans (75 +) and they were very forthcoming about what it was like livin there after WW1, during the 20s and 30s, during WW2 and after the war. The spoke very candidly and gave excellent insights. They used Hitler's name and spoke of what he did. The Germans did not hide Gestapo HQ. It was out in the open with graphic images of what occurred there. There are still Jews in Germany and they did not raise any issues with that. There is at least 1 concentration camp still standing and it gives tours. The Hebrew league may even sponsor those tours. In Austria, only memorials to the fallen can be found. Yet, in that country, there are still enclaves of die hard third Reich supporters from that time.

Germany seems to have come to terms with its past. Maybe America can get there one day soon.

Ol Dixie

Send me your # love to talk outside this crazy forum.😀


There are good people of all races, same as there are bad people of all races. Erasing parts of history so that no sees it or learns from it, then we are doomed to repeat it at some point in time. By the way seems to me that those that cry racism first are usually the racist.


Let us not forget that to forget our history is to be doomed repeat it. If we destroy every icon of events past that we find objectionable, we soon forget all about it. How many of the folks who are currently fighting over symbols and relics of the civil war in the USA paid attention in history class? How many know he motivations of the southern states? How many understand the horror of civil war? It may be we have already forgotten so completely that we are ready to do it again. This country is readily seeking for issues to become divided on to the point of violence. This makes someone happy. Satan?


I am an ALABAMA Rebel, Born in Montgomery, Al. march 26, 1965 the very Day Mr. King marched down the street right in front of that hospital. That date is a great date in history for this white boy and one visionary's start in life a New.

I was raised in the projects too at times when mother got divorced as happened to a lot of women then and now.

History used to be thought in school and I learned about the TRUTH of where the 13 stared flag was all about.

1783 we freed our selves from King George and British rule. The flag was created then to represent the independent 13 Nations for America by King of England. Signed agreement and all we were a nation of 13 nations at that time. NO SLAVES.

Slave Trades started in Africa by there kings in those lands and they were offered to many ship captains and that was 1843 I believe when Africa started trading slaves for anything they could get for them. The Civil War was for free trade without the north's extra taxes embargo. The ports were in there control so they wanted same pricing for goods and not be taxed by the North to the South, so war was started over that. the South offered then to be free slaves if they fought with them and same for the North.


My husband is a Historian and has been explaining the roots of our Civil War to me. You both say the exact same things. It was sad the North felt the need to keep the taxes on their ports so high. The North was mainly industrialized, a big money maker for those states. The South was agricultural based, with 2 main crops: tobacco and cotton. Only tobacco was fairly profitable, but neither agriculture crop was enough to bring in profit to cover the owners, the taxes on Northern ports and to pay workers. That is why slaves were essential for the South to show any degree of prosperity. When the Northerners refused to lower the taxes, the South refused to free the slaves. An impasse was met and the war began. Excellent points.


Leave My State Flag alone. Don't like it tough, that's your right to be offended.

Joe McCain

What I observe happening in Kingman is that California (mostly) has gone to rot and the people can't live there anymore under those terrible Democratic created conditions. So they move here and then try to recreate the same conditions here that they were unable to live under in California. I think what people need to realize is that THIS IS NOT CALIFORNIA. If you liked living that way so much you should have never left. And you certainly shouldn't have come here. There is zero tolerance for liberal crap here in Mohave county. Making issue out of a flag and then saying you want to fly a BLM flag that represents actual violence is absurd. Everyone needs to wisen up and see that all this is designed to divide and conquer us from within. Watch Candace Owens, sheriff David Clarke, and other wise people like them and they will clarify things. They woke me up. Don't buy into the emotion. We need to quit destroying our monuments and businesses and quit bowing down to anyone whose offended. It's only playing into their hands. And as an end note, not everyone from California is a liberal fool, there are many that are having to make an escape just to survive. That's not what I served 25 years in the army for. Just food for thought.

Desert Bat

a terrible precedent is being set at this tie in America, where "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" - where violence is being rewarded with very numerous acts of legislation, public pronouncements, and other actions such as resignations of officials. Peaceful, reasoned urgings by citizens are NEVER rewarded in such ways.

Ol Dixie

The out of control giving in to the 13% of blacks which are the minority that are in my america is a discrace. There is a pitition to change the American flag? And they want at mount Rushmore to be desicrated and blown up? This trend of removing our United States history has gone way too far. I was never racist but it's being push come to shove. Think about it? Where do we draw the line?

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