BOULDER CITY, Nev. — First responders at Lake Mead National Recreation Area rescued multiple visitors last week, saving lives.

The team of law enforcement rangers, firefighters and paramedics protect nearly 15 million people that visit Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and the Hoover Dam annually. 

“Visitors’ safety is always a top priority. Rangers are out in the park responding to everything from minor traffic accidents to medical emergencies,” said Deputy Chief Ranger Joe Darling.

The list below is a glimpse of rescues since the start of October:

  • Rangers located a runaway suicidal juvenile who reportedly planned to jump off the Hoover Dam. They were able to rescue him in time. 
  • Rangers performed two on-the-water rescues, including a swamped boat and a vessel that ran aground on w Rangers responded to a report of an unresponsive, unconscious male. They took over CPR and applied a defibrillator, reviving him.
  • Rangers and medics responded to a scuba diver who experienced signs of decompression sickness after diving at a depth of 145 feet for 90 minutes. They coordinated with a local hospital to ensure he received hyperbaric therapy.
  • Rangers arrested a driver for DUI. The suspect had passengers in the car, including a 4-year-old child. 
  • Rangers were first on the scene for a rollover accident, involving an ambulance on U.S. Highway 93. Everyone in the vehicle, including the patient, were OK. 

“Although many of the week’s incidents could have resulted in tragedy, rangers provided swift action that ultimately saved lives,” said Darling.

In addition to conducting multiple rescues, rangers spent time supporting nearby communities. They participated in a funeral procession for a fallen Henderson firefighter and highlighted the park’s all-hazard operations at National Night Out in Boulder City, Searchlight and Laughlin.

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