KINGMAN — Write-in candidates for city, federal and state races in the Aug. 26 primary election are now listed on the Mohave County Election Department’s website. 

Voters need to fill in the oval along with writing the name of the write-in candidate on their party’s ballot, deputy elections director Betty Vernon said.

If a voter rewrites a candidate’s name on a write-in line, who is already printed on the ballot and fills in both ovals, neither mark will be counted. No candidate may receive two votes on one ballot. Only official write-in candidates will be counted. Other unofficial write-in names, such as Mickey Mouse, will not be counted.

Write-in candidate Chris Rike is running for U.S. House of Representatives for District 4 as a Libertarian. U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, of Prescott, a Republican, and Democrat Mikel Weisser, of Golden Valley, are also running in their respective primary elections.

Write-in candidate Janelle Wood of the Americans Elect Party is running for governor against John Lewis Mealer, who filed as an Americans Elect candidate. Republican write-in candidates Mike Aloisi and Alice Lukasik are running for governor against Ken Bennett, Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Al Melvin, Frank Riggs, Scott Smith and Andrew Thomas in the Republican primary. Other officially filed candidates running for governor include Democrat Fred Duval and Libertarian Barry Hess.

In the state treasurer race, write-in candidate Gerard Davis, a Democrat, is running unopposed in the primary election. Jeff Dewit, Hugh Hallman and Randy Pullen face off in the Republican primary.

Karen Barlow is a write-in candidate for Colorado City council and Tom Becker is a write-in candidate for Lake Havasu City mayor in nonpartisan races.

Other officialy filed candidates include Arizona Sen. Kelli Ward, R-Lake Havasu City, who is running unopposed for another term in District 5 representing Mohave County.

State Rep. Sonny Borrelli, R-Lake Havasu City, is being challenged by Republicans Regina Cobb, Jennifer Jones, Sam Medrano and George Schnittgrund in the Aug. 26 primary election. The winner will face off with the winner of the Democratic primary between Beth Weisser and Joe Longoria.

Democrat Terry Goddard and Republicans Wil Cardon, Justin Pierce and Michele Reagan are running for secretary of state.

Democrat Felecia Rotellini and Republicans Mark Brnovich and incumbent Tom Horne are running for attorney general.

State Mine Inspector Joe Hart of Kingman is running unopposed for another term.

Incumbent John Huppenthal is running for another term as superintendent of public instruction. He is being opposed by fellow Republican Diane Douglas. David Garcia and Sharon Thomas face off in the Democratic primary.

Democrats Jim Holway and Sandra Kennedy and Republicans Tom Forese, Doug Little, Lucy Mason and Vernon Parker are running for two seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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