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Not much progress is seen at site near Kingman where The Pegasus Group Holdings and Plus Minus Power announced plans for a data storage center last summer.

KINGMAN — Very little appears to have happened where it was announced that a multi-billion-dollar data storage center powered by renewable energy would be developed about 12 miles south of Kingman. The Pegasus Group Holdings and Plus Minus Power partnership said in early June of last year that the $3 billion “Hive” would be operating within six months.

A $5-billion second phase project “Firefly” was announced last December. Little, if any, progress is evident where the high-tech projects are planned near the Griffith Energy facility off Interstate 40. Two people who provided information early, spokeswoman Carolyn Farkas and Pegasus Board member Jay Bloom, have not returned more than a half-dozen phone calls in recent months.

Mohave County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jean Bishop said the project’s status remains uncertain. She said that she is disappointed by the lack of development and communication.

“I was hoping this would really flourish out there, but in speaking to (County Economic Development Director) Tami Ursenbach, they have been having some difficulties,” Bishop said. “I think there’s some personnel issues that they’re dealing with but honestly I’ve not had any direct contract with anyone from Pegasus so I’m at a loss.”

Sources indicated that inability to secure trailers and internet service for the project site were initial project obstacles. Ursenbach said earlier this month it was hoped that the internet issue would soon be resolved.

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Getting internet to a data backup center seems like it might be important

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